A Run Helps Veterans To See Their War Memorials

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Veterans Club is proud of this year’s 5k Ruck Run held Oct. 18. Runners were happy to support veterans. This year, they donated money raised to Never Forgotten Honor Flight, an organization that takes veterans to war memorials. Amanda Jennings, the social media organizer for the UWSP Veterans Club, was happy to spread the word ... Read More »

ROTC Teaches Movement Techniques

Students crawled through the sand pits of DeBot Field, threw mock grenades and covered each other from enemy fire as they practiced individual movement techniques in a lab entirely planned by two Reserve Officers’ Training Corps students. The lab was offered on Oct. 9 to students who are enrolled in military science and physical education classes. They were divided into ... Read More »

Students and Local Residents Share Experiences with Dumpster Diving

Junior natural resource major Jacob Cerminar has been dumpster diving since his last year of high school when he was inspired by his environmental science class. “Don’t be afraid of what people will think,” Cerminar said.   With each successive dive, his level of comfort increased. Fast forward three years and Cerminar is a seasoned diver. On a trip to ... Read More »

Students Offer Perspectives on Political Advertising

Jobs, economic growth, taxes and health care are buzzwords pushed in every political ad. According to students, these ads are not doing much to tell listeners the candidates’ plans. A political campaign tactic commonly used in today’s races is mudslinging, or criticizing or insulting an opponent with the aim of damaging that person’s reputation. This is a prevalent problem in ... Read More »

Daisho Con Prepares for their Annual Convention

Students planned an anime convention that packs stereotypically nerdy activities into one location for all to enjoy. Daisho Con is a student-run convention that features video games, science fiction, anime, cosplay and fantasy. The convention is held Nov. 21 to the 23 at the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells. Junior Sarah Olson organized the cosplay contest. “The cosplay contest is ... Read More »

Slouching Causes More Than Shoulder Pain

Many students spent a lot of time sitting in front of a computer screen either typing up a report due tomorrow or sifting through Tumblr or Facebook. According to researchresults.wordpress.com, in 2013 college students spent over five hours on a laptop each day. With all this time in front of a screen, people begin to slouch and not pay attention ... Read More »

Schmeeckle Reserve Fends Off Hordes of Invasive Species

Five miles of trails and over 280 acres of land make Schmeeckle Reserve a recreational hub for the city, but people are working behind the forest backdrop to preserve it. Volunteers and staff are trying to inhibit the spread of invasive species. One of those species is buckthorn. “We’ve been battling it for at least the past ten years,” said ... Read More »

Adderall Abuse on Campus? Students and Staff Share Their Thoughts

The prescription drug Adderall is used to treat Attention Deficit Disorder, but some people will self-medicate to stay awake for extended periods of time. “Side effects include irritability, anorexia, insomnia, tics, psychotic symptoms, and hypertension,” psychology professor Mark Plonsky said. Plonsky teaches a class about psychoactive drugs and behavior. The list of side effects has not stopped students from abusing ... Read More »