UWSP Adventure Club, Mobilized

Change has gripped the UWSP Adventure Club this semester, with more organization, trips and social media presence. Bailen Stewart is an active member and said the club is “going strong this year. We have already done three trips this year. This is the year to be in adventure club.” The goal of the Adventure Club is to subsidize travel expenses ... Read More »

No Need to Fear, the University is Here

As of June 30, 2018, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point will no longer be carrying the Geography and Geology Department. UWSP has embarked on a new journey regarding losing and gaining majors for the ever growing needs of students here on campus. Enrollment in the last four years has decreased 15 percent. In the 10 county high school regions surrounding ... Read More »

Students Experience Financial Aid Changes This Year

Since 1953, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, known as FAFSA, has been filled out by undergraduate and graduate students in the United States in order to determine their eligibility for student financial aid. In the 2012-2013 school year, undergraduate students received an average of $13,730, including $7,190 in grants and $4,900 in federal loans. On Sept. 13, 2015 ... Read More »

How to Be Smart About Moving Off Campus

As the middle of the semester approaches, many students are in the process of searching for off-campus housing for the 2017-2018 school year. If  planning to move off campus, there are some changes and adjustments that students can expect to experience. Ryan Lemmers, junior graphic design major, has been living in the residence halls for three years. For the last two ... Read More »

S.P.I.N. Kicks Off With Academic Year

You’ve seen the posters around campus: “S.P.I.N.,” “CORQ,” a lot of letters urging you to get involved. The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s Student Involvement and Employment Office, S.I.E.O., is launching a new student involvement network, S.P.I.N., Stevens Point Involvement Network, and companion app, CORQ, with the launch of the 2016-2017 academic year. “S.P.I.N. at its very basic level is just ... Read More »

Throw In The Towel for Some Summer Fun

As the spring semester comes to a close, some students are looking forward to summer adventures. Bill Steinke, junior biochemistry major, plans to camp and take a backpacking trip. Steinke and his friend will camp in Peninsula State Park and spend the weekend sleeping under a fly trap and biking. Steinke will then backpack by himself through Buckhorn State Park. He has been preparing by ... Read More »

The Quick and Dirty: Fun Facts!

We know you are feeling burnt out reading and studying for finals exams, so this week we have 10 weird sex facts to blow your mind. Grab a friend and get to laughing. 1.) Sperm travels 28 miles per hour. Once it enters the vagina, it slows down. Imagine 4 lanes of traffic merging into one. 2.) Greek couples have ... Read More »

Students and Community Members ‘Take Back the Night’

“Take Back the Night” is an annual event held to empower and support domestic and sexual-violence survivors, organized through the Women’s Resource Center and sponsored by Promoting Awareness Victim Empowerment. The fraternity Sigma Tau Gamma will perform a step routine at the event, a dance performance common among fraternities. Attendees will march through campus and Stevens Point. Loren DeLonay, Women’s ... Read More »

Students Share Opinions on Smoking Ban Effectiveness

At the start of  the 2014 fall semester, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point banned all tobacco product use on campus Students had mixed feelings when UWSP announced the ban. As the end of the spring semester approaches, students still have conflicting opinions. Derek Steger, sophomore graphic design major, smokes a few cigarettes per week. Steger supports the ban. “I think the ... Read More »

The Quick and Dirty: More Stress = Less Sex

Finals, scrambling to find a job, finishing up that last paper, or finalizing the details of your summer job all lead to stress. As college students, we hate it, yet sometimes, we thrive on it. Stress not only leads to feelings of panic and outward expressions of anger but also impacts our sex lives. During stressful times, our bodies produce ... Read More »