Four Infamous Campus Rumors

From campus to campus, students talk, whisper and giggle about rumors they believe to be true. Everyone has probably heard of a few classic rumors circling around hundreds of campuses across the country. They create buzz and excitement in college student’s minds. The most well-known legends, such as if a student dies, their roommate gets straight A’s or if a ... Read More »

I Won’t Be Home for the Holidays

Students living off campus or in the suites have the opportunity to stay in their living quarters during breaks throughout the school year. This can be especially helpful for students who live far away from Stevens Point. Being able to stay oncampus can be very beneficial for students that need some time to relax. With going home for the holidays, ... Read More »

The Last Homecoming

With homecoming next weekend, we wanted to ask some students about what their plans are. Photos Courtesy of UWSP College of Professional Studies. Video By: Kyle Behnke   Read More »