Couple Maintains Sustainable Lifestyle

Claire Ault and Connor Fischer, who will be married in September,  moved this past winter to Fischer’s family’s hunting cabin for a more sustainable lifestyle and to connect with nature. The cabin has no running water, they shower once a week, produce most of their food and are preparing themselves for a permanent residence in the South Dakota prairie. Ault and Fischer ... Read More »

Students Plan for Life After Graduation: Kelsey Ballard

Q: What has college been like as a triple major?  A: My majors are social work and sociology, as well as child, youth and family studies. Social work and sociology go together, but child, youth and family studies was a course load all on its own. While the extra courses added more time and work on my plate, I feel I gained ... Read More »

Students Plan for Life After Graduation: Amanda McGovern

Q: What are your aspirations after graduation? A: I have been organizing students around their rights for the past four years, and I absolutely love my experience there. I hope to continue to be an activist and can see myself working in non-profit development. I look forward to organizing people on any issues they are passionate about. Q: How have ... Read More »

Vagina Monologues Help Women Embrace their Bodies

The Vagina Monologues, based on monologues written by Eve Ensler, will highlight the benefits and hardships associated with having a vagina through student performances from April 26- 28. Cassandra Schick, senior elementary education and special education major, has been the show director for two years. “The Vagina Monologues promote the positive aspects of feminism,” Schick said. Auditions for the monologues ... Read More »

Kind Hearts Live Close to Home

Eric Custer and Sierra Mueller, who met through their high school’s track and field team when Mueller ran distance and Custer coached jumpers, will be married June 20. “We waited until I was out of high school for us to officially date,” Mueller said. “Jokingly, people would give me a hard time for dating a coach right after I got ... Read More »

The Quick and Dirty: Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Communicating about sex can be complicated because it is a taboo topic in our culture. Most everyone does it, or thinks about it, but we don’t talk about it. When communicating with your partner about sex, here are a few tips to make your discussion less awkward and enhance your sexual relationship. 1.) Be nice. Don’t blame your partner or ... Read More »

Students Plan for Life After Graduation: Shelby Bowe

Q: What are your aspirations after you graduate? A: After graduation, I plan to work at Kwik Trip till the end of the year to save up for a big move. I am looking into going to graduate school for either social work or family studies to help me land a career in human services or a related field that ... Read More »

Students Plan for Life After Graduation: Jesse Jahn

Q: What will you be studying in graduate school? A: I will be going to Ball State in Muncie, Indiana for a master’s in mathematics. My hope is to focus on homotopy or algebraic theory. Q: What are you most looking forward to in graduate school? A:  I’m looking forward to new experiences and the experience I will gain for the future. Q: What ... Read More »

Students Plan for Life After Graduation: Michael Williams

Q: What are you doing after you graduate, and where are you going? A: My plans after graduation are working with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources as a summer worker in the Fisheries Department in Crystal Falls. Here and there, I will be looking for full-time positions to get more job experience and use my education to build my knowledge in ... Read More »

UWSP Alumnus Receives Full Tuition for Graduate School

Andrew Slembarski, who graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in December 2014 with a degree in music education, was recently awarded full tuition plus a teaching stipend to attend graduate school at UW-Milwaukke this August. After graduate school, Slembarski will be eligible to play in professional ensembles. “I’m looking forward to expanding my network of musicians that I know,” ... Read More »