From London With Love

Unfortunately, this will be my last update from London. I fly home April 18 and that definitely feels bittersweet. I had been preparing for this program since my freshman year at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Now that it is over, and I graduate next month, I am proud of myself for what I accomplished and would not take a ... Read More »

Building a Dream Together

Jennifer Potts and Erich Maas have known each other since middle school. They began dating in high school and are going to get married Oct. 17, 2015. Maas and Potts share a close bond that surpasses traditional couples. Winnie Volkman, Potts’s maid of honor, was her randomly assigned roommate in Sept. 2011 when they were freshmen entering the University of ... Read More »

Why I am Writing About Love

When I sent out a Facebook message asking people if they knew any engaged or married couples attending college, I received quite a few responses. I attempted to squeeze the stories of the couples into one article but soon discovered that relationships are intricate and deserve their own stories. I have always been interested in how couples, especially those in ... Read More »

Students Plan for Life After Graduation: Alex Lopez

Q: What are your aspirations after graduation? A: My goals for life after college are, one, to find a job, and two, to figure out what I want to do. Q: What field are you looking to find a job in? A: I am looking for a job in the chemistry field (very expansive, to be sure.) Q: What city would you like to ... Read More »

Students Plan for Life After Graduation: Lizbet Parks

Q: What are your aspirations in life after college? A: My future career aspirations involve receiving my Ph.D. in clinical psychology, with the ultimate goal of teaching psychology at a research-based institution. During my time at UWSP, I had an internship doing research at New York University in their psychology department. Ideally, I would end up back in the city conducting research.   Emily Noel ... Read More »

Students Plan for Life After Graduation: Jena VanderLogt

Q: What are the basics? What will you be doing after college? A: I am graduating in May with a psychology degree with an emphasis in human services. I start graduate school in June at UW-Oshkosh in the School Counseling program. I can’t wait to achieve all of the goals I set for myself and will always appreciate the incredible support I ... Read More »

Coffee and Culture Covers Mental Illness

The next Coffee and Culture will focus on schizophrenia, an often misunderstood mental illness, at its meeting on April 16. Schizophrenia is a brain disorder that does not allow people to properly interpret reality. People with schizophrenia often experience delusions or hallucinations, making them behave differently. Jason Siewert, licensed psychologist at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, will present at the meeting and aims ... Read More »

Beloved Hall Director Becomes HR Generalist

Tom Bertram found two jobs within the university that he loves and calls home. Bertram, former Smith Hall director, is now the human resources generalist on campus. Bertram has been working for the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point since 2008 and was hall director until March 2014. “From the second semester of my freshman year of college, I knew that I ... Read More »

Quick and Dirty: Tea Time

The Quick and Dirty: Tea Time The Psychology Club and the Gender and Sexuality Alliance co-hosted Tea Time on April 1 where Dr. Owens and Dr. Motl talked about sexual disorders and dysfunctions. In case you missed it, we caught some fun facts to highlight. Sexual disorders and dysfunctions are only considered a problem if they are distressing for the ... Read More »

Freshman Becomes Member of RHA Executive Board

Freshman Travis Loepfe is the youngest member on the Residential Hall Association’s executive board this semester. Loepfe started off as one of Thomson Hall’s RHA delegates in fall of 2014. Each residence hall at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point has two delegates who report on students’ campus concerns. Loepfe took advantage of the opportunity to become RHA’s Vice President Public ... Read More »