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‘Half a Native’ Album Review

Buxton has been a rustic band since 2003 and has made a name for themselves within this style of music. However, their most recent and fifth LP release, “Half A Native,” marks the band’s continuing deviation from twangy southern rock to utilizing elements from every branch of experimental music. All five of the members of the La Porte, Texas based ... Read More »

‘Policy’ Album Review

When Will Butler isn’t busy going ballistic playing all kinds of synthesizers, percussion and other what-nots with Arcade Fire, he’s writing his own music. His debut solo-album, “Policy” was released on March 10. It is short, sweet, and to the point, clocking in at roughly 27 minutes long. Despite its brevity, there is truly something for everyone on this record. ... Read More »

“I Love You, Honeybear” Album Review

“I Love You, Honeybear,” from Sub Pop Records, is Joshua Tillman’s 2nd studio album under the moniker Father John Misty. Tillman has been self-releasing solo albums and EPs under this name since 2003, and he is most notably known for his involvement as drummer for the Fleet Foxes. Tillman’s raucous live performances propelled him onto Late Night: With David Letterman ... Read More »

Ordinary Events, Grand Effects

In an interview on “A Glimpse at Environmentalism” on 90FM, Neil Prendergast, assistant professor of history, discussed ordinary events, inventions and societal changes that changed how Americans relate to the environment. The first event is risk assessment, or the notion that a federal agency will look at a proposal and assess all risks involved. Originally the precautionary principle was used to ... Read More »

‘Live in San Francisco’ Album Review

For starters, Ty Segall is pronounced “Tie Seagull,” like you’re capturing a bird by the ocean, and his latest album is a set of ten songs performed by The Ty Segall Band over the course of two nights at the Rickshaw Shop in San Francisco, California. He has already released several albums since the recording. Ty Segall is a creative ... Read More »

90FM Album Review: The Daredevil Christopher Wright – The Nature of Things

Formed in Eau Claire in late 2004, The Daredevil Christopher Wright is an indie-folk trio made up of brothers Jon (vocals, guitar) and Jason (vocals, bass) Sunde, and fellow Wisconsin-native Jesse Edington (vocals, percussion). The band hit the ground running, tirelessly crafting their own unique style of alternative music after only being existence a matter of months; this steadfast dedication ... Read More »

90FM Album Review: Sleeper – Self-titled EP

In my opinion, if you can’t get lost in the music you’re listening to, than it really isn’t worth listening to in the first place. Taking this mantra into account, it should come as no surprise that I instantly fell in love with the band Sleeper’s self-titled EP, released earlier this year through Woods & Ether Records. It should be ... Read More »

90FM Album Review: Fathom Lane – “Down By Half”

Ever wonder what indie folk-country sounds like? First off, yes, it does exist, and if your curiosity has been piqued, a brand new band out of the Twin Cities named Fathom Lane has released a pretty cool debut album, Down By Half. It was released earlier this month and it has quickly become my personal most listened to album. Reminiscent ... Read More »

So Much To Say With So Little Time

  Demitri Smith, a freshman from Chicago, hit the ground running with his new show “Time Out” on 90fm. Smith talked about how he came to campus with a plan. He knew what he wanted to do; he was just looking for an opportunity to make it all come alive. “I went to the radio and pitched my idea. They ... Read More »

90FM Album Review: Dinosaur Jr. – I Bet on Sky

Formed in Amherst, Massachusetts’ in 1984, Dinosaur Jr. was the brainchild of guitarist J. Mascis and bassist Lou Barlow, who had previously played together in High School. With the break-up of their first band ‘Deep Wound’ came a slew of lineup changes, before Mascis and Barlow were eventually joined by drummer Emmett “Murph” Murphy III. The trio went on to ... Read More »