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Anticipation Continues For The Newly-Built One-Stop Center

A soon-to-be-revealed “One-Stop Center” feature, next to The Food Fo Thought Cafe in Albertson Hall, is making its way to completion, and the staff and students of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point couldn’t be more excited. The “One-Stop Center” was once just an idea thought of by a past vice chancellor of enrollment and management, possibly drawing inspiration from a ... Read More »

General Degree Progress Reports Appear on AccesSPoint

Students were notified that general education degree progress reports accessible online starting Oct. 31. Specific major degree progress reports are not yet complete. The email sent out to all students stated that requirements for majors and minors will be rolled out as they are completed. According to Ed Lee, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point registrar, 20 years of information and data ... Read More »

Katie Youngberg Joins CNR Advising Program

This semester, the College of Natural Resources at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point welcomed a new face to their advising team. Katie Youngberg, a UWSP alumna, recently became an advisor for the CNR, where she has begun to help students on the path to achieving their academic and career goals. Youngberg is a recent graduate of the wildlife ecology program ... Read More »

$42.5 Million Budget Request to Increase Students’ Academic Potential

A proposal for the UW System to invest $42.5 million in universities across Wisconsin is slated to improve students’ opportunities to succeed both academically and professionally. The proposal the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is creating for the 2017-19 biennial budget request will focus on four aspects. These focuses will be an education pipeline, an increased university experience, business and community ... Read More »

WANTED: First Floor Real Estate

The new advising center for the School of Business and Economics marks its progress towards becoming accredited. For business and economic students before the fall semester of 2015, advising rooms were on the fourth floor of the College of Professional Studies building, among endless halls of offices. When advising meetings were scheduled, students would wander the halls, randomly popping their ... Read More »