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Album Review: KT Tunstall says “Here I Am” with KIN

KT Tunstall - KIN. Photo by Justin Higuchi

KT Tunstall’s “KIN” is the latest in her work from her past 5 internationally released albums. Tunstall is a Scottish rocker, originally from St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland but has relocated to California and traveled around the American southwest in the last 3 years. KT’s past music features similar styles and sound but “KIN” has a distinct folk feel to it. ... Read More »

Album Review: Norah Jones – The Fall

Photo courtesy of Amazon.com.

Norah Jones recorded her fourth studio album, “The Fall,” in 2009. At this point in her career, Jones has already established herself as a successful contemporary jazz artist. On her previous three albums, Jones has featured both covers of famous jazz standards and her own work, which is often a fusion of jazz, country and blues styles. The same foundations ... Read More »

Album Review: Take a Breath of “Fresh Air” with Homeshake

Photo courtesy of www.stereogum.com.

Number one on 90fm’s top 10 ten albums of the week for the second week in a row, Homeshake will take you to a whole other world with their latest album, “Fresh Air.” Throughout the album, the band embodies a smooth jazz feel, while intermixing sounds from everyday life. Each song transitions into one another well enough that the album gels together ... Read More »

Music Review: Punch by Autoheart

Punch by Autoheart| Photo courtesy of www.musicomh.com.

Autoheart , a lively band, is one that you should take a look into. As an indie-pop band based out of London, they will pump you up and relax you with their debut album “Punch.” This album mixes it up with energetic, bright songs and slower, melodic piano pieces. Their sound is similar to Coldplay and a more relaxed version ... Read More »

Album Review: Motions By Jeremy Zucker

Jeremy Zucker 'Motions' album, photo courtesy of YouTube.com

Integrating different sounds and beats, Jeremy Zucker impresses the ear with his latest album, “Motions.” A budding indie artist, Jeremy Zucker will impress with his relatable lyrics that are paired with grooving beats. Like Jon Bellion in style, Jeremy Zucker brings light to the struggles in everyday relationships with his eight-song album. The opening song, “Heavy,” starts the album off ... Read More »

Album Review: Hey Violet Releases Brand New Moves EP

Photo courtesy of itunes.apple.com.

An emerging band Hey Violet will have audiences singing their tunes before they know it. The energetic LA band has gone through a few name changes before the name Hey Violet stuck in 2015. Ever since, they have been producing new music that will get you dancing along with them, including their new hit single “Guys My Age.” The five ... Read More »

Album Review: Ra Ra Riot Needs Your Light

Photo courtesy of http://consequenceofsound.net.

Ra Ra Riot has done it again with their latest album, “Need Your Light.” Out of Syracuse, New York, the band embodies a classic indie rock sound and even includes a violinist as one of their main band members. The music has a distinguished rock beat and the violin can be easily heard, giving it a full sound and making ... Read More »

The Good Feeling Review of Dent May’s Magnificent Ukulele

Photo courtesy of thelineofbestfit.com.

High Spirited and fun lyrics, “The Good Feelings of Dent May and his Magnificent Ukulele” will either relax you or have you laughing at the silly lyrics. This album is an offshoot of May, using primarily ukulele throughout the album. Each song has either a high-spirited sound to it, or a slower, melodic mood that goes with a ballad. To ... Read More »

Album Review: I’m Alone, No You’re Not by Joseph

Photo courtesy of thebandjoseph.com.

The album, “I’m Alone, No You’re Not” by Joseph is a compilation of three sisters’ voices with haunting and tight harmonies. Listeners will be mesmerized by this group. All their songs have rustic tones, using lots of acoustic guitar, piano and percussion. Their lyrics are filled with heart and have good messages that are relatable to the listener. The opener, ... Read More »

Album Review: Jon Bellion and The Human Condition

Photo courtesy of genius.com.

A new artist in the world of music, Jon Bellion, brilliantly mashes electronic sounds with human made sounds to take the listener to another place in time. A converted Christian, Bellion crafts his songs to have a positive feel, while mixing it up with some heavier lyrics. No two songs of his are the same. They all have their own ... Read More »