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Album Review: ‘Beat the Champ’

It is rumored that The Mountain Goats is actually a pseudo-mystical motorcycle cult from the badlands of South Dakota that raises money through running a chain of discount-furniture outlets with an occasional music release. I can’t comment on the legitimacy of those claims, but I do know their latest album “Beat the Champ” chronicles the lives of professional wrestlers. This ... Read More »

Album Review: ‘On Your Own Love Again’

Jessica Pratt’s sophomore album “On Your Own Love Again” lures you in like the sound of a siren. Her follow-up to the self-titled release is a folk confessional that we can all relate to. It was released by Drag City Records earlier this year after Pratt recorded the album in her California home. Her contemporaries are that of Sharon Van ... Read More »

‘Half a Native’ Album Review

Buxton has been a rustic band since 2003 and has made a name for themselves within this style of music. However, their most recent and fifth LP release, “Half A Native,” marks the band’s continuing deviation from twangy southern rock to utilizing elements from every branch of experimental music. All five of the members of the La Porte, Texas based ... Read More »

‘Policy’ Album Review

When Will Butler isn’t busy going ballistic playing all kinds of synthesizers, percussion and other what-nots with Arcade Fire, he’s writing his own music. His debut solo-album, “Policy” was released on March 10. It is short, sweet, and to the point, clocking in at roughly 27 minutes long. Despite its brevity, there is truly something for everyone on this record. ... Read More »

‘Uptown Special’ Album Review

“Uptown Special,” the latest release from English musician, DJ, singer and producer, Mark Ronson, is a star-studded, funky tug-of-war featuring more variety than you can wag a finger at. Ronson produced a number of wildly successful records, including Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black”, Adele’s “19” and Bruno Mars’ “Jukebox.” He’s had his hand in over 40 albums since 1998. Bruno ... Read More »

‘In The Shower’ Album Review

Coming straight from the smoky streets of Montreal, Homeshake is the once side-project, now full-time musical endeavor of Mac Demarco’s ex-touring guitarist Peter Sagar. “In The Shower” is Sagar’s first full-length LP released under the pseudonym Homeshake, featuring jangly guitars, crackly vocals and bass lines so funky even your 80-year-old grandmother with osteoporosis can’t help but wiggle along. Although “In ... Read More »

‘Live in San Francisco’ Album Review

For starters, Ty Segall is pronounced “Tie Seagull,” like you’re capturing a bird by the ocean, and his latest album is a set of ten songs performed by The Ty Segall Band over the course of two nights at the Rickshaw Shop in San Francisco, California. He has already released several albums since the recording. Ty Segall is a creative ... Read More »


Too often in our society, beautiful art, which has the potential to change lives, sculpt individuals, and alter the ways in which we think, goes unnoticed. This is especially true in regards to music, whose more thoughtful messengers are often overshadowed by a maelstrom of cookie-cutter acts all strumming the same four-chord progression. For this reason, we at The Pointer ... Read More »

90FM Album Review: Emmitt James- Until I’m A Dead Poet

Growing up in central Wisconsin, I have seen and heard my fair share of local attempts at hip-hop. For the most part the attempts at the genre of hip-hop fall short. If I can be brutally honest, most local attempts at hip-hop in central Wisconsin are down right embarrassing and I liter­ally cringe with how uncomfortable I get with the ... Read More »