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90 FM Album Review -David Byrne and St. Vincent-Love This Giant

This week Talking Heads and alternative music swami David Byrne and Annie Clark a.k.a St. Vincent released their collaboration album entitled Love This Giant. From a third person point of view Byrne is a wacky, jaunty, and jittery character that seemed to be a product of a bump or two of cocaine. Lyrically intellectual and puzzling it seems with out ... Read More »

Now Now – “Threads”: A Review

I’ve said a hundred times and I will keep on saying it, the Midwest is the best place for modern music. A music scene can really define a community and there is no better music scene right now then the one in Minneapolis. To provide evidence to my statement I present to you a band called Now, Now. Minneapolis based ... Read More »

Capsula- “In the Land of Silver Souls” Review

If you dig music that makes you want to jump, skip, hop, or rock the f*#@ out, Capsula is right up your alley. Pulling from multiple genres, it combines an array of styles, giving it quite an original feel. From their new album “In the Land of Silver Souls,” you immediately pick up an ancient punk/rock style that has awakened ... Read More »

Bon Iver: A Reflection of the Wisconsin Lifestyle

Wisconsin is a cold tundra-like land, home of beer farts, cow shit, “Happy Days” and, of course, the Green Bay Packers. We also have a pretty good history with cannibal serial killers… but let’s not get into that. Other than Chris Farley, Ed Gene, and Gene Wilder, Wisconsin has given life to one of the greatest modern folk musicians, Justin ... Read More »

90FM Album Review – The Beets – Let the Poison Out

Right out the gate with this album you get a wave of rock and roll, folkish indie straight to the dome. This new album has very uplifting, groovy, rhythmic sections that have you rocking back and fourth like a metronome. The style is very much it’s own. I, personally have a difficult time even likening it to other bands.  However, ... Read More »

Handsome Furs’ “Sound Kapital”: A Review

Handsome Furs brings electronic punk to an entirely new level with a strong indie feel. Thinking of MGMT and Joy Division having a baby is almost a picture-perfect way to describe their tone. Edgy without the hardcore, indie without the confusion. It stays within the confines of a heavily synthed, up-beat electronic style added with tons of effects and sounds ... Read More »