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Adminsitration Uses Threat of “Mandatory Charge” To Coax Students Into Online Courses

Freshman, transfers and incoming students alike were presented with three online classes to take at the beginning of this school year. There are two courses to the requirement. One, on alcohol and marijuana use, and another on rape and consent. Each course has multiple sections and each course was supposed to take approximately 90 minutes. While there was a variety ... Read More »

Local Winery Open to All Students

Former professors of the Paper Science Department at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point have recently poured their efforts into a Stevens Point winery. Kelly and Don Guay opened Sunset Point Winery in July 2015. “We were looking for something in the area where we could help out,” said Kelly. The winery’s first order for bulk actually came from Great Northern Distillery to ... Read More »

Behind the Bar: Burnt Sugar Syrup

A burnt sugar syrup is a bitter alternative to traditional simple syrup. It is best served with brown liquor, like whiskey, in drinks like an old fashioned or whiskey sour. The bitterness of the burnt sugar pairs perfectly with sour but can also be used with sweet. Burnt Sugar Syrup 2 cups sugar 1 cup water Melt sugar in a stainless ... Read More »

The Five Guys of Drinking

Alcohol affects everyone differently. Half the fun of going to parties is trying to spot the various personalities that people take on once you pump enough of grandpa’s ole cough medicine in them. I have done a lot of independent research in my three semesters of college and I have managed to classify many of the drinkers I have come ... Read More »