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Students: Own Your Education

“Education is not a product. The students are not customers. The professors are not tools. The university is not a factory,” declare signs taped to faculty office doors in the Christopher Collins Classroom Center. We all want to believe this, but the evidence around us shows we can’t. And this means that students how have to start taking a much ... Read More »

UW-Stevens Point to cut $2.5 Million from Budget

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point needs to cut 2.5 million dollars from their spending for the fiscal year of 2019, which begins July 2018. Provost Greg Summers said that there is an ongoing structural deficit that was in danger of growing beyond six to seven million dollars. Structural deficit is when the spending goes beyond the revenue. “Part of this ... Read More »

Budget Cuts Spark Difficult Conversations About What’s Next

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is looking to half its structural deficit of $5 million in another round of budget cuts. In the current fiscal year, the university has already reduced its budget by $2 million, and an additional $2.5 million reduction is planned for July 2018. Due in March, the changes to the budget will come from Academic, Business ... Read More »

Farm to School May Be Plucked Before Its Time

Governor Scott Walker’s budget proposal would cut a major portion of the Farm to School program from the 2017 to 2019 state budget. The office’s coordinator position and 15 member advisory council would be cut, saving $132,800 over the next two years. This cut will not prevent disbursement of federal grants targeting farm to school efforts but it will cut ... Read More »

Federal Budget Cuts Threaten Local Lakes and Labs

A leaked federal budget memo reveals that the Trump administration is considering cutting funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative from $300 million to $10 million. This cut would affect not only the wellness of the Great Lakes but also the students who work in the water testing labs at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. The university’s water labs do ... Read More »

Metered Bicycle Parking to Replace State Funding

As part of a desperate effort to resuscitate a quickly depleting budget, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is implementing a plan to enforce metered bicycle parking. The idea was put forth after the release of the most recent budget proposal from Wisconsin’s supreme dictator for life, and alleged spawn of Satan, Wott Scalker. The new budget would take away all ... Read More »

System-Wide Art Under Attack

Public universities across Wisconsin are feeling the struggle of budget cuts, and the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point’s art department will again be under a new and smaller budget. Within the Noel Fine Arts Center, students can find unique architecture and student work displayed in the open lobby while music from an array of different instruments reverberates from the walls. ... Read More »

How Much Campus Really Cuts

What is being cut on campus? Changes are happening, but it can be hard to tell what is affected by budget cuts and what is not. When it came down to making budget reductions, the main departments that were affected were Business Affairs, Information Technology and the College of Professional Studies. Within these departments, the decision about the amount of ... Read More »

Capital Campaign Kicks Off With A Bang

Alumni, students and community members gathered on campus this past Saturday to learn about and celebrate the launch of the capital campaign. The goal of the fundraising campaign is to get donors and friends excited about the possibilities for the future of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. According to Chancellor Bernie Patterson, the money that is raised through the capital campaign will ... Read More »


Let’s have a conversation. Yes, a meaningful, two-sided conversation. No, I do not want to smile politely while you ramble on and on for thirty minutes. I have more to offer than head nods and appropriate one-word responses. Yes, I am going to glare at you until you stop scrolling through your news feed. I’m right here. Talk to me. ... Read More »