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‘Tis the Season for Twinkle Lights and Pluralism

As the holiday season approaches, buildings and dorms across the university are decorated with lights and greenery, and on Nov. 20, Human Resources sent out a reminder through campus announcements reminding people decorating for winter holidays to follow UW-System legal guidelines. These guidelines aim to promote religious pluralism across the university, while still allowing students and employees to decorate their ... Read More »

Website Puts Sustainability at Student’s Fingertips

The interactive website run through the Office of Sustainability and McKinstry, Inc. allows students to see the energy usage of every building on campus. The website tracks energy usage in real time, enabling visitors to compare electricity, CO2, steam and chilled water usage for each building compared to the previous the day, week, month or year chosen. All information on ... Read More »

University of Wisconsin Calls for Free Tuition

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Student Government Association made a bold statement last month demanding free tuition for all black students. UW-Madison reasoned that African-Americans were legally barred from enjoying the advancements of an education due to slavery and Jim Crow Laws in the past. Currently, African-American students enrolled in the university make up only 2 percent of the demographic. The university has ... Read More »

Metered Parking Continues to Cause Distress

On Jan. 31 the city set up a City Common Council Meeting at the university to give students an opportunity to voice their concerns regarding metered parking and to have their questions answered. Don Vogt, building manager of Prentice Arms Apartments said he understands the need for metered parking but added that the city’s plan is, “targeting the students that ... Read More »

UW-Stevens Point Knows How to Play Fair Trade

Last week, the Office of Sustainability finished the last act to designate the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point as a fair trade university. The definition of fair trade, according to the World Fair Trade Organization, is a product partnership that is beneficial to the trade itself, workers involved and the environment. In partnership with the Student Government Association and Students for ... Read More »

Knives and Switchblades Now Legal On Campus

Gov. Scott Walker has signed into law a bill which allows people to carry concealed switchblades and knives of all kinds without a concealed carry license.  Now students, faculty and community members will be able to carry concealed knives anywhere on campus, with the exception of university buildings. “I feel like people should have permits and background checks before being ... Read More »

New Transgender Support Group Hits Campus

Diversity and College Access is taking a step towards making everyone feel safe and accepted by implementing a transgender support group for both students and community members between the ages of 18-30. “The intent right now is to give people a place to safely talk and connect with each other,” said Justin Lechleiter, Gender and Sexuality Outreach Services coordinator. “People ... Read More »

Sexual Violence Resources Accessible for Students

In the wake of Halloween, Mara Krueger hopes students had fun, while staying safe. Krueger is a sophomore communication sciences and disorders major and volunteer coordinator at the Women’s Resource Center. She hopes students will be aware of their surroundings when going out this year. “Watch out for your friends. If you see someone who is bothering your friends, ask them ... Read More »

PAVE Shatters Silence of Sexual Violence on Campus

The student organization Promoting Awareness and Victim Empowerment is hosting multiple events in April for National Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Jamie Chariton, executive director and organization president, said she hopes to eliminate common myths related to sexual assault. “If people give consent, it does not mean they are giving consent to every single sexual act or future acts,” Chariton said. ... Read More »

Mopeds Raise Concern on Campus

The use of mopeds on campus causes concern, mainly involving driving on sidewalks and taking up space near bike racks, for students and community members. Cindy Nebel, the president of Old Main Neighborhood Association, said she has noticed more mopeds on the streets and sidewalks this year. She thinks it could possibly have to do with limited parking availability. “I ... Read More »