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Students in SGA Gather Support for Carbon Fee and Dividend Policy

Robby Abrahamian, Jordan Farrell, Nellie Anne DeLain and Lucy DeLain in front of the Capital. Photo courtesy of Robby Abrahamian

A Student Government Association resolution has been proposed in support of a national carbon fee and dividend policy. This policy, proposed by Citizens’ Climate Lobby, aims to put a price on greenhouse gas emissions by imposing an initial $15 fee per ton on carbon dioxide emissions or equivalent pollution which would increase by $10 each year. The policy differs from ... Read More »

Top Climate Scientist Discusses New Book: The Madhouse Effect

Photo courtesy of www.michaelmann.net

On Oct. 10 the Stevens Point Chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby worked with 350 club to have Michael E. Mann give a video call presentation on his new book, “The Madhouse Effect”. Micheal E. Mann is a professor of atmospheric science at Penn State University. He has written three books on climate change. The most recent of which is “The ... Read More »