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Liberation Farm Brings Meat, Eggs and Coffee to Stevens Point

Liberation Farm in Almond, offers diverse food options. Holly Petrillo, assistant professor of forestry, began the farm with her husband John Sheffy in 2011. Petrillo said that they first got into farming because they wanted to be able to grow their own food and provide their young daughter the opportunity to grow up on a farm. One of Petrillo and ... Read More »

Espresso Yourself at Coffee and Culture

Since 2013, Coffee and Culture has allowed students to speak about topics they are passionate about which can often be underrepresented ideas and groups. Still relatively new to campus, Coffee and Culture is trying to find its niche. Samantha Barnum, junior communications major, is the second coordinator who is now on her third semester in charge. “My goal for the program is ... Read More »

A Cup of Coffee Associated with Health Benefits

Coffee has become a universal drink, as many people have a cup or two throughout the day. Some may say it has supplemental energy, while others simply enjoy the taste. Looking deeply, scientists have been able to determine the benefits of drinking coffee contributes to an individual’s well-being. According to the National Institute of Health, those who drink four or ... Read More »

Drink of the Month

Every month, the University of Wisconsin—Stevens Point Brewhaus has a drink of the month. This month, the drink is called the Chai’nt Pumpkin. The Chai’nt Pumpkin is a special mixture of chai with steamed milk and espresso with whipped cream and pumpkin spices on top. “I find Chai’nt pumpkin to be a clever and funny name. It’s funny because customers ... Read More »

True Life: I’m Addicted to Coffee

It’s hot, it smells good, it’s good enough to have every day, it makes us nervous, and it keeps us up all night. There are many reasons why we worship coffee, but is it really the coffee that we are all falling madly in love with, or is it the caffeine that is hidden inside?  Beginning the day with a ... Read More »