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Ecosia Vies to Be New Search Engine On Campus

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Informational Technology Council has voted to install Ecosia as the default search engine on Microsoft Edge in campus computer labs. Ecosia is a search engine that plants trees with its ad revenue. Currently, there are over 7 million active users. Ecosia publishes monthly financial reports and tree planting receipts to improve transparency with users. They ... Read More »

Tenure Reform: Effects System Wide

Wisconsin was the only state where tenure protections were written into state law, but legislators have removed the policies and faculty members across the state are concerned about the ramifications. Tenure reform has weakened the tenure policy and therefore does not offer the same protection as it once did. The process of writing new tenure rules began in summer 2015. Previously, there were only two ways a professor could lose their ... Read More »

Faculty Senate Holds Last Independent Meeting

On Wednesday, May 6, Faculty Senate held its last meeting as an independent entity and voted on the proposed constitution for the Common Council shared governance structure. Faculty Senate is currently made up of faculty and academic staff but soon university staff will be joining the discussion on campus-wide issues. “As it is now, the three voices of the university ... Read More »

Common Council Created to Improve Shared Governance

University personnel are in the process of forming a common council, merging the current Faculty Senate with classified staff. The current Faculty Senate  is made up of academic staff and faculty. “The idea for common council is to merge everyone into one big common council, and from there they will split off into their own individual committees,” said Katie Cronmiller, Student Government ... Read More »