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Album Review: Nicole Serrano – Hello to Daylight

Nicole Serrano released “Hello to Daylight” in 2012 as her most recent studio recorded album. Serrano’s music style includes different influences giving this album an indie rock, folk vibe while still being in the soft singer and songwriter genre. “Hello to Daylight” came out in the same year as Serrano’s debut on The Voice on NBC. Talent scouts recruited Serrano to ... Read More »

Spring into Trendy with New Fashions

With spring hiding just around the corner, everyone is itching to get out of their winter coats and wool sweaters. Shorts and sundresses are starting to pop up on clothing store racks and in the pages of fashion magazines, and the wait to try out new trends is almost over. Starting this spring, everything is denim. Gone are the days ... Read More »

Humans Of Point

Travis Loepfe is a junior communication major. What is your favorite viral video and why? My favorite viral video of all time has to be Charlie the Unicorn because it brings me back to a simpler time when I was younger and very easily impressed. What do you think is so appealing about viral videos? Viral videos are often outrageous ... Read More »

Congress Repeals FCC Internet Privacy Rules

Congress voted on March 28 to overturn unimplemented broadband privacy rules created five months ago by the Federal Communications Commission. The rules would have required internet service providers to ask consumers before they collect personal information to be sold and to disclose what data was collected and shared. A repeal means that internet service providers will be able to gather ... Read More »

Controversy Continues over Blood Donation Eligibility

Donating blood helps transfusion recipients receive the blood they need. A lesser known fact is that not everyone is eligible to participate in this act. The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point holds two blood drives per semester. The next drive will be held on April 25-26 in the Dreyfus University Center. Each semester two agencies, The Blood Center of Wisconsin and ... Read More »

Timber Sports Team Chops Through Competition

On April 1, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point timber sports team took second place at the 65th Annual Midwestern Forester’s Conclave. The once a year conclave brings together timber sports teams to compete in both academic and physical forester related events. This year’s conclave was held at Iowa State University. There were 26 UWSP students that traveled to the event. ... Read More »

Campus Garden Will Not Be Traded for Parking Lot

At the Environmental and Sustainable Issues Committee meeting on March 10, it was mentioned that under the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s 2007 master plan, the current campus garden could be relocated so the existing block could be turned into a parking structure. The master plan is updated every 10 to 15 years and serves as a tool to communicate the ... Read More »

You Are Feeling Very… Hypnotized?

An array of students from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point filled the DUC Alumni room for a night of “Cards Against Hypnosis,” hosted by David Hall and sponsored by Centertainment. It was a Saturday night filled with fun, laughter and excitement. Following the idea of the popular adult-based card game, “Cards Against Humanity” the audience became interactive with the hypnotist ... Read More »

Flooding Campus with Environmental Sociology

Could a cold morning swim cure depression? Are people who live near lakes happier than those who live in deserts? Two  speakers explored the concept of water and mental health as well as the importance of human interaction with water. On Tuesday, April 4, New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Wallace J. Nichols came to campus to offer a free ... Read More »

A Look into Sports: April 5, 2017

Spring Break Trip Brings Mixed Results for Pointer Baseball The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point baseball team headed to Auburndale, Florida, over spring break as part of an invitational to compete against teams across the nation. The team competed in a total of nine games, finishing with a record of 5-4. The Pointers started off with a 6-5 win against UMass Boston. ... Read More »