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Packers Offseason Update

With the NFL draft less than a month away, it is a good time to take stock of the additions and departures for the Packers and what positions still need some work. Re-Signed Sam Shields, CB: One of the first moves the Packers made this offseason was signing Shields to a four year $39 million contract. The 26-year-old cornerback has ... Read More »

Snorkeling in the Florida Keys

Outdoor Edventures spent spring break snorkeling, swimming and soaking up the sun in the Florida Keys from March 15 to March 23. The group of students set up a base camp in Key Largo and spent the first two days exploring the waters of the upper keys on two rented boats. Before embarking on the trip, Mike Piekenbrock, the recreational ... Read More »

Brewers Bring Bats In Spring Training Outing

One dream as a Milwaukee Brewers fan has always been to make the trek to Arizona for a spring training game. This adventure can now be checked off of my bucket list. It was worth the wait. Making my way from Milwaukee to Denver and Denver to Phoenix was worth the adventure of spring training. Escaping the cold winter weather ... Read More »

New LPFM Station Granted Permit for Construction

A new low-power FM radio station that will broadcast all information currently presented on the Community TV channel in Stevens Point has been approved for construction. The LPFM station will be community-based with a maximum power of 100 watts and a very limited transmission range. The station will simulcast the audio from the TV feed, providing a new way for this ... Read More »

Blessed Feathers and Astronaut Husband Serenade Fans

The Encore was full of music lovers last Thursday when Indie bands Blessed Feathers and Astronaut Husband held a concert. Astronaut Husband, created by the university’s own Alec Grefe, started off the show with six songs. The mood of the night was a bit somber, as someone close to Blessed Feathers’ guitarist had recently passed away. Grefe asked the audience ... Read More »

Rays of Nostalgia Beam through Glass Artwork

Jennifer Halvorson’s distinctive glass artwork in her show “A New Look at Glass” at the Edna Carlsten Gallery cultivated nostalgia and serenity in the minds of its viewers. Halvorson said her artwork focused on ideas of the past and how they have sculpted who we have become. “We are who we are now because of past interactions with people who ... Read More »

Women’s Hockey Gains New Life With NCAA Tournament At-Large Bid

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point women’s hockey team has a second chance this season, as the team made it into the NCAA tournament, its first appearance since 2007. Last Saturday, the team traveled to play UW-River Falls in the inaugural Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference championship game. The Falcons defeated the Pointers 5-1, receiving the conference automatic bid. Monday, March 10, the Pointers ... Read More »

Investigation of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity Continues

Investigation of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s chapter of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity is under way after a search warrant was executed utilizing the SWAT team last Friday. Authorities say that a substantial amount of marijuana was found and that two officers were injured. The search was done at 6:30 a.m. Friday at the TKE house on Main Street ... Read More »

The Sochi Olympics in 1,000 Words

Tasked with the challenge of writing an all-encompassing Olympic story for the Pointer, I contemplated how to achieve maximum effectiveness while being held to a practical limit of 1,000 words. Consequently, I started thinking outside the box for an idea and a style that would best suit my stated goal.  Thus, you have before you my very own “Ode to ... Read More »