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Turning People On to Sexual Education

PornHub.com, one of the most popular pornographic websites, has created and launched sister website, the Sexual Wellness Center. There are 27 states that still teach Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage in public schooling. Wisconsin does not teach abstinence-only, but stresses the importance of not having sex until marriage while simultaneously giving information about safe-sex practices to students. PornHub has teamed up with Laurie Betito, ... Read More »

New Accreditation Excites Students and Professors

On Feb. 15 the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s School of Business and Economics became accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, or AACSB. The School of Business and Economics has spent the past seven years working towards recieving this international accreditation. Gary Mullins, associate dean and head of the School of Business and Economics, refers to the ... Read More »

CNR Dean Joins the Conservation Hall of Fame

Wisconsin’s Conservation Hall of Fame will be adding a member of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point family this April. Christine Thomas, dean of the College of Natural Resources, will be inducted to the Conservation Hall of Fame along with Hugh Iltis and Milly Zantow. Thomas’s induction is attributed to her hard work in natural resources by not only serving as ... Read More »

University of Wisconsin Calls for Free Tuition

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Student Government Association made a bold statement last month demanding free tuition for all black students. UW-Madison reasoned that African-Americans were legally barred from enjoying the advancements of an education due to slavery and Jim Crow Laws in the past. Currently, African-American students enrolled in the university make up only 2 percent of the demographic. The university has ... Read More »

National Champion Looks Back on Career Highlights

Senior Logan Hermsen’s final season as a collegiate athlete is coming to an end. He will finish his career with a long list of accomplishments. Last season, Hermsen took home a national title at conference and was named the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference wrestler of the year in 2016. Johnny Johnson, head coach of men’s wrestling at the University of ... Read More »

Wisconsin Youth Alliance Marches Against Enbridge Pipeline

Students from more than six University of Wisconsin schools hosted the March Against Pipeline Expansion on Saturday, Mar. 4, in Whitewater. The march was a result of efforts from the Wisconsin Youth Network, a relatively new student run organization that spans the UW network including UW-Stevens Point. Zach Jones, natural resources planning major at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, co-founder ... Read More »

Student Diets Could Support Deforestation on Other Side of Globe

Chocolate, granola bars, shampoo and detergent are all seemingly harmless products which often contain palm oil, an ingredient that leads to deforestation and destruction of critical wildlife habitat in Asia. Student diets may be contributing to deforestation, since many packaged foods sold at the convenience dining locations on campus contain palm oil. Few realize that their food choices fuel the ... Read More »

Tom Perez Takes the Position as DNC Chair

The election for the position of chair for the Democratic National Committee, also known as the DNC, was held Feb. 25. Tom Perez took 54 percent of the vote and Keith Ellison received the remaining 46 percent. This makes Perez the first Latino leader of the DNC. Ellison, who lost the election, but received the position of deputy chair, was ... Read More »

Basement Brewhaus Gives Composting a Shot

The Basement Brewhaus in the Dreyfus University Center will now host a compost bin to keep the food waste out of landfills. The baristas noticed waste from coffee grinds and bagels was getting thrown out daily. The staff wanted to prevent the waste from entering a landfill and so they settled on composting as an option. Courtney Cordova, senior wildlife ... Read More »

Pointer Learns Truth About Journalism in San Francisco

This past Thursday through Sunday Anyon Rettinger, our online editor, Genevieve Adamski, our environmental editor and myself had the pleasure of attending the 33rd Annual ACP National College Journalism Convention in San Francisco, California. To say the least, we were extremely excited not only to be able to get the chance to represent The Pointer at a national journalism conference, ... Read More »