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Light Bulbs Go Off for New Idea Center

Placemaking, innovation and experiences – these are the three initiatives of Create Portage County, a group dedicated to bringing the arts to Stevens Point. This year, Create Portage County has put together the Idea Center, located in downtown Stevens Point. The Idea Center aims to be a community of innovators, designers, entrepreneurs and artists. The main goal of the Idea ... Read More »

Shifting Gears, Changing Communities

Shifting Gears provides safe and inexpensive transportation by recycling abandoned and donated bicycles or restoring them for public purchase. The organization is a non-profit justice dedicated to securing the right relationships between offenders, victims and their communities through programs and practices. Shifting Gears has established relationships across central Wisconsin with police departments, businesses and individuals who donate bicycles on a ... Read More »

UWSP Library Hours Cause Study Struggles

Albertson Hall offers students multiple resources, but the library’s hours fluctuate throughout the week due to budget cuts. Kathy Davis, dean of University College, said that staffing in the library is very thin on nights and weekends because of budget cuts. The use of the building is a priority when making decisions about open hours. “It’s always based on budget ... Read More »

Wild Rice Making a Comeback on the Banks of the Fox River

Native wild rice is being brought back to the banks of the Fox River outside Green Bay after decades of cleanup efforts. The Lower Fox River has been included in a Superfund program by the Environmental Protection Agency to clean up the river of polychlorinated biphenyl, or PCB’s. PCB’s come from the recycling of carbonless copy paper. According to the ... Read More »

Don’t Let Safety Stop at a Pin

Because of the recent election, many minority groups are under emotional and physical threat.  A new symbol has emerged to show support for these groups: a safety pin. This safety pin movement initially began after the Brexit referendum results.  According to the New York Times, Great Britain saw a 57 percent rise in xenophobic incidents after they voted to leave ... Read More »

The Finals Countdown

As the snow begins to hit the ground and hot chocolate begins to fill our mugs, another seasonal event draws near. Final exams are Dec. 16-22 this semester and will provide some panic amid all the festivity in the air. Urban Dictionary defines finals week as “the worst week of a college or high school student’s life.” This semester’s finals ... Read More »

Humans Of Point

Emilie Burkhardt is a junior communication sciences and disorders major Is there a resource on campus you wish you utilized more, and why? I think more of like the career services, the whole what to do after college and resume building and all that. I wish I utilized it more because right now applying for jobs for summer and just ... Read More »

Working On Campus Could Improve Academics

Working in college is now more frequent than not working in college. Michael Bialas, financial associate at Thrivent Financial, said the most successful people he encounters are those who work multiple jobs while in college. At the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, well over three thousand students work on campus in various positions, at all levels and in almost all departments. ... Read More »

Baby, It’s Warm Outside

When we flip the calendar to November, we begin to anticipate the departure of autumn and the beginning of the infamous cold, Wisconsin weather. This year, however, the first weeks of November had us stowing our jackets and reaching for our shorts and sandals. Though the historical monthly average for Stevens Point is 42 degrees, we have seen highs in ... Read More »