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Hungry Students Try Cooking for Change

Students participate in the educational cooking experience. Photo by Ross Vetterkind

The semester’s last Cooking for Change was held on Tuesday, May 2.  The workshop wrapped up a semester long project geared towards teaching students the fundamentals of nutrition. The workshops started as a pilot program, and are put on by the Student Association of Nutrition and Dietetics, which partnered with the Student Health Advocate Committee. The Student Health Advocate Committee was ... Read More »

Have You Heard of Genetically Modified Foods?

Photo courtesy of cnn.com.

Genetically modified organisms are a controversial topic, especially within the food industry. According to World Health Organization, “Genetically modified organisms can be defined as organisms in which the genetic material has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally by mating and/or natural recombination.” Many individuals have an issue with the unnatural aspect of changing the DNA of ... Read More »