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Job Growth From Renewable Energy Sparks Conservative Support

Renewable energy has begun to gain the support of conservative groups as it becomes more economically viable. One such group is the recently formed Wisconsin Conservative Energy Forum, which aims to educate conservatives about energy possibilities in the state. According to their website, the organization supports the development of local clean energy, strongly emphasizing the economic benefits that renewable energy ... Read More »

Renewable Energy Employs a New Generation of Professionals

Renewable energy jobs continue to grow nationally and in Wisconsin. Wind energy is one of these promising fields. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that wind turbine service technicians will gain jobs faster than any other occupation at a rate of 108 percent between 2014 and 2024. Wind energy is not alone. The solar energy field has also grown remarkably. ... Read More »

Shop Locally for Holiday Gifts that Keep Giving

The best place for students to holiday shop this season is right down the street. The downtown area of Stevens Point is home to many local businesses that are better for both the environment and the community than larger rival companies. Shopping for gifts locally generates 70 percent more economic activity than shopping at a big box store. Downtown Stevens ... Read More »

Penokee Hills Mine Could Devastate Environment, Local Economies

On Tuesday, Feb. 28, Frank Koehn held a presentation in the DUC Theatre to educate people about the destructive nature of the Penokee Hills iron mine proposal. “This is a resource war,” Koehn began. “It’s about the water.” The area where the proposed iron mine would be placed—which covers a 22-mile, 22,000-acre strip of the Penokee Hills from southwest of ... Read More »