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Standardized Test Limited In Teaching Certification

On the road to becoming a certified teacher, many students take the PRAXIS I and PRAXIS II exams. However, if certain circumstances are met, students will no longer be required to take the PRAXIS II in order to complete or continue their educational teaching programs. According to the Educational Testing Services, the PRAXIS exams consist of two standardized tests. The PRAXIS I, ... Read More »

K-12 Program Progress or Decline?

Lawmakers of Wisconsin recently took a large step in the field of K-12 education, but was it a step backward or forward? A service for the Wisconsin Educational Communications Boards, Gov. Scott Walker insisted on a $648 million spending increase for funding in K-12 schooling. An estimated $10 million was then eliminated from this budget as a result of aid ... Read More »

Dr. Tangedal Celebrates Second Year At Cornerstone Press

Ross Tangedal is going into his second year of leading the University’s publishing house, Cornerstone Press. The publishing house, which was established in 1984 and specifically designed to staff students taking English 349: Editing and Publishing, become the only student-run press in the UW-system. Each student takes on a specific role from editorial to sales, all with the goal of ... Read More »

Mental Exercise Just as Important as Physical Exercise

The Health Services Center and Counseling Center work coherently to provide for student needs. Healthy mental habits need to be created and followed on a daily basis. Jen Sorenson, Physicians Assistant Director for Student Health Services, said, “Office visits for mental illnesses have increased from 12 to 18 percent in the last year.” Changes in lifestyle, taking college level courses, ... Read More »

Embodied Learning Engages Lecture Students

“Professors should plan to cut one third to one half of the content they plan to teach in class,” said Assistant Professor of Asian History Valerie Barske, quoting a speaker she had seen at a college faculty program. What constitutes a university lecture? Typically, professors are stationed at the front of the classroom, armed with their notes and possibly a ... Read More »

GDRs Improved for 2013

The University of Wisconsin– Stevens Point Academic Affairs, as well as many student organizations, are currently finalizing plans for a new General Education Program to broaden the education experience for faculty and students. The program will be implemented in the fall of 2013. Dr. James Sage, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor of Teaching, Learning, and Academic Programs, explained that the university ... Read More »

Education Students Promote Hmong Culture

Education students in the Student Wisconsin Education Association (StWEA) at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point are helping educate elementary schools about Hmong culture with help from the Community Learning through America’s Schools (CLASS) grant. StWEA is an organization that provides extra support for education majors by helping students find professional development. As these students network and gain experience ... Read More »