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POINTEREST Holiday How-To: Gingerbread People

Emma St. Aubin estau255@uwsp.edu No cookie says “Christmas” like gingerbread men and nothing prepares me more to wrap gifts than some of these cookies with a good cup of hot cocoa. To kick off this holiday season, I baked a cozy gingerbread family to share with my own family. I useda classic recipe rather than one of those chocolate-stuffed, gluten-free, ... Read More »

Everyone is Busier than You – Commentary

Emma St. Aubin estau255@uwsp.edu Somewhere between now and high school, boasting about busyness has moved up the fad ladder. Somehow, having no free time available has become a translation for success, and we wear said success like a badge of honor, challenging anyone who is seemingly competing for said badge. Homework? I have more. Exercising? I don’t have enough time ... Read More »

Pointerest – Whole Wheat Apple Muffins Recipe

Emma St. Aubin estau255@uwsp.edu Every fall I seem to go on an all-out apple binge, putting them in everything and anything I can think of. I usually make it a good month or two until my excitement finally sputters out and them I’m satisfied for another season. This batch of whole-wheat apple muffins marked this year’s kickoff using my favorite ... Read More »

Mentoring for the Entering

Emma St. Aubin estau255@uwsp.edu Starting college is probably the most normal thing you can be nervous about. Most of those jitters have probably faded, but just to make sure, The Pointer Unity Program, commonly referred to as PUP by students across campus, is here to help. The program was created by health promotion students and is directed towards students who ... Read More »

Chasing Dreams, One Pizza at a Time

Emma St. Aubin estau255@uwsp.edu Ordering Toppers on any given night is an ordinary occurrence for many students, but for two alumni, Toppers Pizza turned into a lifestyle. During their time at the University Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Joe Kirschling and Aaron Johnson, two college friends and roommates who graduated in 2001 and 2003, respectively, lived off of Toppers. “Every weekend and often ... Read More »

Head to the Farmshed

Emma St. Aubin estau255@uwsp.edu Throughout the year, the Central Rivers Farmshed has organized hands-on educational workshops to community members. Whether you can hardly plant a seed or are an experienced farmer, the Farmshed has workshops to offer everyone. The workshops are hosted on partner farms and at the Greenhouse Project, located at 1220 Briggs Court, and each class ranges from $25 ... Read More »

Pointerest: Cure-All Kale Salad

Emma St. Aubin estau255@uwsp.edu To ensure a long and pleasant stay on this plane of existence, or simply build up a solid wall of defense against the common cold and the dreadful flu, you must carefully maintain your body as you would an expensive European car. Yes, consuming those foul, unsweetened, and disturbingly moist vegetables may be a struggle. Yes, ... Read More »

Top 10 Things to Do in Stevens Point

Emma St. Aubin estau255@uwsp.edu There’s more to Stevens Point than going to class and writing papers. What you will remember most fondly are those other college traditions and the beloved quirky activities. Although this list does not have an official seal attached to it, it still contains time-honored activities and rituals admired by those in the Stevens Point area. 1. ... Read More »