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Humans of Point

Elizabeth Olson is a junior English major and professional writing minor. What are you looking forward to over Thanksgiving weekend? The food, of course. After a few months of eating like a Survivor contestant, I’m very excited for my grandma’s homemade stuffing and pecan pie. Do you have any traditions? Every year, my grandpa insists that we all gather around the ... Read More »

Adult Literacy Program Proves It Is Never too Late to Learn

A local program here in the Stevens Point community is helping members of the community. Or in this case, helping adults that are looking for help in basic math or English literacy. The Portage County Literacy Council is a nonprofit organization located on the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point campus. The mission of the Portage County Literacy Council is to help ... Read More »

Experience is the Best Teacher

Professor Dan Dieterich is coming out of retirement to teach English 349, otherwise known as the business Cornerstone Press. English 349 is a publishing and editing class where students select a manuscript and edit, publish and market it. Dieterich taught the class from 1978 until his partial retirement two years ago when Per Henningsgaard took over. When Dieterich originally started ... Read More »