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Enrollment Down 7.4 Percent From Last Year

Current enrollment at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is 8,567. For comparison, in fall 2013 enrollment was at 9,643. Roughly a 1,100 difference over the span of three school years. However, the drop from fall 2015 to fall 2016 steeps from 9,255 students, about a 7.4 percent drop in enrollment. Which is proportionally the largest annual decline from UW system ... Read More »

University Navigates Academic Fork in the Road

With student enrollment steadily dropping, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point has reached a fork in the road. In February, the Strategic Planning Committee presented an interim report to the student body proposing two options to help the university decide what students it will market towards. The two primary options presented in the interim report were recruiting students with higher ACT ... Read More »

Increased Student Enrollment Exceeds Expectations

This academic year, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point experienced a rise in first-year student enrollment. The 161-student increase exceeded the year’s expectations, resulting in a grand total of 1,792 new students, said Bill Jordan, director of recruitment and admissions. Jordan attributes much of the university’s success to its application of Constituent Relationship Management software, which enables recruitment services to identify ... Read More »