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Permit Allowing Expansion of Door County Dairy Raises Groundwater Concerns

Jersey cows are one of the most popular dairy breeds. Photo from pexels.com.

S&S Jerseyland Dairy LLC, Door County’s only concentrated animal feeding operation, has just been issued a permit by the Department of Natural Resources which will allow them to expand their herd. While the operation is currently allowed to house approximately 6,000 cattle, the new permit will authorize over 10,000. This decision has been met by considerable opposition from the local ... Read More »

Students in SGA Gather Support for Carbon Fee and Dividend Policy

Robby Abrahamian, Jordan Farrell, Nellie Anne DeLain and Lucy DeLain in front of the Capital. Photo courtesy of Robby Abrahamian

A Student Government Association resolution has been proposed in support of a national carbon fee and dividend policy. This policy, proposed by Citizens’ Climate Lobby, aims to put a price on greenhouse gas emissions by imposing an initial $15 fee per ton on carbon dioxide emissions or equivalent pollution which would increase by $10 each year. The policy differs from ... Read More »

Earth Week on Campus

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22. Photo courtesy of Dalen Dahl

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point will host a range of events in honor of Earth Day the week of April 17-22. Jenessa Gilarski, sophomore health science major and communication specialist for the Office of Sustainability, says that the theme for this year’s Earth Week is diversity. Diversity may be a word that is rarely associated with sustainability, but Gilarski pointed ... Read More »

Meatless Mondays Diet Impacts Environment

Beef Hamburger | Photo Courtesy of Dalen Dahl

Diet plays a role in climate change, deforestation and water conservation, yet it is an aspect of sustainability which is rarely discussed.  That is why College of Natural Resource seniors Deaken Boggs and Megan Zielke are working with student government to bring Meatless Mondays to Campus. The initiative, which encourages omnivores to go vegetarian one day a week, brings a ... Read More »

Benefits of Thrift Shopping Go Beyond Saving Money

Photo courtesy of budgetlexicon.wordpress.com.

Buying new clothing can be harmful to the environment and violate human rights, but thrifting is an alternative that helps decrease the harm done around the world. How our clothes are made is not often found at the forefront of our minds. But the manufacturing of much of our clothing is wasteful and harmful to the environment. A recent investigation ... Read More »

Green Fund Efforts Pay Off with Building of Bicycle Shelter

The Green Fund's bike shelter is located outside of the Dreyfus University Center. Photo by Kylie Bridenhagen.

The Green Fund has succeeded in erecting a bike shelter outside the Dreyfus University Center after years of planning. The Green Fund itself is a campus organization that aims to improve sustainability and lessen the environmental impact of the university, which was approved through a student referendum in the spring of 2013 with 70 percent approval. The Fund’s mission is ... Read More »

Coral Come Back

Photo courtesy of www.sciencemag.org.

In early October, Outside Magazine published an obituary for the Great Barrier Reef stating that the reef is officially dead, citing its life span from 25 million BC to 2016. This article has sparked huge controversy in the scientific world as the reef is in fact very much alive. Located off the northeast coast of Australia’s Queensland, the reef stretches ... Read More »

Students Responsible for Water Waste on Campus

Photo courtesy of DoItYourself.com

Wasting water on campus is an area of huge concern. When the irrigation system is seen going off while it is raining, the image the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point has as an eco-friendly campus is damaged. There are issues with the sprinklers on campus when it comes to wasting water, but the biggest ones may not be what is expected. ... Read More »

Conservation at Work

Photo courtesy of cctv-america.com

The Giant Panda is no longer considered endangered due to conservation efforts around the world. Since 1984 the Panda has been on the endangered species list, but as of Sept. 4, they no longer are. The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources announced that the Panda is now listed as Vulnerable after its population has increased due ... Read More »

Mission for Clean Water

Photo by Samantha Stein.

The fourth annual Walk for Water happened Saturday, Sep. 17 in Iverson Park to raise both money and awareness for clean water in Africa. The MaKah Foundation is a nonprofit organization that raises money to install water pump wells in Cameroon. The Walk for Water is an event where participants are asked to walk a distance in order to fill ... Read More »