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Coral Come Back

In early October, Outside Magazine published an obituary for the Great Barrier Reef stating that the reef is officially dead, citing its life span from 25 million BC to 2016. This article has sparked huge controversy in the scientific world as the reef is in fact very much alive. Located off the northeast coast of Australia’s Queensland, the reef stretches ... Read More »

Students Responsible for Water Waste on Campus

Wasting water on campus is an area of huge concern. When the irrigation system is seen going off while it is raining, the image the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point has as an eco-friendly campus is damaged. There are issues with the sprinklers on campus when it comes to wasting water, but the biggest ones may not be what is expected. ... Read More »

Conservation at Work

The Giant Panda is no longer considered endangered due to conservation efforts around the world. Since 1984 the Panda has been on the endangered species list, but as of Sept. 4, they no longer are. The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources announced that the Panda is now listed as Vulnerable after its population has increased due ... Read More »

Mission for Clean Water

The fourth annual Walk for Water happened Saturday, Sep. 17 in Iverson Park to raise both money and awareness for clean water in Africa. The MaKah Foundation is a nonprofit organization that raises money to install water pump wells in Cameroon. The Walk for Water is an event where participants are asked to walk a distance in order to fill ... Read More »

Oil, Environment and Water, Oh My!

The Dakota Access Pipeline, or DAPL, is the most controversial environmental issue in the news right now, but what exactly is it and why should we care? DAPL is a proposed underground pipeline meant to connect the oil fields of North Dakota to the Gulf Coast. The DAPL pipeline facts website explains that it would stretch 1,172 miles through North Dakota, South ... Read More »

Wisconsin Lawmakers Aim to “Ban the Ban” on Plastic Bags

Instead of furthering the movement to eliminate plastic bags from communities and businesses, Wisconsin law-makers are pushing a new bill that would make a world without plastic impossible. Senate Bill 601 would prohibit a community from regulating “containers” made of plastic, paper, cardboard, metal and glass. This would  halt the current anti-bag trend. The bill was approved by the state Assembly ... Read More »

Are Melanistic Deer in Schmeeckle?

It’s no surprise to any student roaming through the thickets of Schmeeckle Reserve that the deer are plentiful and even overwhelming. We can scarcely turn a corner and not come face-to-face with a buck and his harem. Commenters point out that deer know they are safe from hunters in the reserve and come from all over Wisconsin to live in ... Read More »

A Partnership in Bettering the Community

The abandoned greenhouse on Briggs Court has been going through a slow and steady transformation since 2011. Central Rivers Farmshed explains on its website that the Greenhouse Project has been an ongoing endeavor to strengthen the community’s  relationship with food in all forms. The CPS Cafe and the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point have long been a part of this project in various ... Read More »

UWSP Conserves Energy During Break

  With winter break right around the corner, UW – Stevens Point is making arrangements to conserve energy during the absence of about 3,500 students. During the holiday season all of the residence halls—except the Suites@201, Pray-Sims and Baldwin Halls—lay empty. Assistant Director for Building Services through Residential Living and member of the Sustainability Task Force Mike Zsido said that ... Read More »

Model UN Prepares for NY Conference

Students of the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point’s Model United Nations (UN) organization are preparing to represent Egypt at the National Model UN conference in New York City in March 2013. Model UN is a conference that takes place all over the world. The conference is meant to simulate the happenings of the real United Nations by assigning specified ... Read More »