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Penokee Hills Mine Could Devastate Environment, Local Economies

On Tuesday, Feb. 28, Frank Koehn held a presentation in the DUC Theatre to educate people about the destructive nature of the Penokee Hills iron mine proposal. “This is a resource war,” Koehn began. “It’s about the water.” The area where the proposed iron mine would be placed—which covers a 22-mile, 22,000-acre strip of the Penokee Hills from southwest of ... Read More »

Stevens Point Water Tastes Best in Nation, Raises Questions of Water Quality

Stevens Point’s water is this year’s recipient of the American Water Works Association’s “Best of the Best” taste competition for the second year in a row, beating out New York City.   The Association began this competition in 2005 to combat the negative connotations drinking water was gaining when compared to filtered bottled water.   The contest scores solely the ... Read More »

Struggle for Water is a 21st Century Universal

Deny global warming all you want. There are over a billion people on Earth who currently do not have access to drinking water, to whom a debate over human alterations to the earth’s ecosystem, and the effects of resource depletion, is futile. Simply, there are people who do not have the privilege of denying climate change.   Here is what ... Read More »