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Local Food Fair to Be Held at SentryWorld

This Saturday, Feb. 17, Farmshed is holding a local food fair at SentryWorld. The event will exhibit over 60 local farms, businesses and educational organizations that will be selling goods and sharing information about their programs. The organization is made up of staff, community members, a board of directors, and farmer advisors who share their concerns about the current food ... Read More »

Farm Tours Helps Students and Farmers Flourish

Harvesting season is here and Students for Sustainability has begun their Farm Tour Series, which helps students learn about local farms. The event focuses on sustainable agriculture. Students visit local farms, learn new techniques and gain hands on experience. Shelly Stein, the president of Students for Sustainability, said “the farmer’s talk about the history of their land and share how ... Read More »

Cutting Out The Middle Man

While there are many waves of new trends or ideas coming our way with unknown intentions, direct farming is a tide many can welcome with open arms. As reported by the United States Department of Agriculture, not only is Wisconsin ranked within the top five in sales of direct farming, but the entire country has seen an increase in 2.3 percent ... Read More »

Clean Water’s Continued Controversy in Portage County

On Thursday, March 30, the second public meeting of the Groundwater Protection Ordinance subcommittee began with a proposition to postpone meetings for several months. The group is a special limited term subcommittee of the Portage County Groundwater Citizen Advisory Committee. The committee is charged with analyzing an ordinance brought to the county by citizens of New Hope. The ordinance aims ... Read More »

Cows, Clementines, and Climate Change

Currently, our planet is getting warmer, colder, wetter and dryer all at once. Extreme weather patterns have become a norm. People in Bangladesh have to move out of their flooded homes because of strong rains, while Californians are still in a great drought. This intense global climate change is due to an increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. A ... Read More »

Farmshed Cultivates Knowledge With Sustainable Farming Course

Central Rivers Farmshed, a group working toward a more local sustainable food system for Wisconsin, will be offering a three-day course meant to teach participants about growing food and starting a farm business. The goal of the course is to teach new farmers, current farmers or prospective farmers about sustainable agriculture and how to gain a profit while minimizing negative ... Read More »

Students For Sustainability Tour Area Farms

With the help of Students for Sustainability, some Pointers got a taste of farm life. The student organization held a series of three farm tours highlighting local, sustainable agriculture for University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point students. Attendees visited Whitefeather Organics in Custer, Lonely Oak Farm in Milladore and Liberation Permaculture Farm in Almond on Saturdays from Sept. 19 to Oct. 3. ... Read More »

The Organic Philosophy

Out on Sunny Sky Farm, a beautiful scene unfolds. This morning I stand near the barn with the other members of my class looking out over the field, still green despite the cold nights and chilly winds of fall. The wind whips at our faces as we stand huddled together listening to our professor introduce to us the man whose ... Read More »