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Movie Review: Praises ‘Ex Machina’

Right now, science fiction cinema is mostly a world of flashy, big-budget adventures. The “Star Wars” effect has rippled for decades, putting intimate, philosophical science fiction on the back burner. “Ex Machina” portrays how this genre is at its absolute best when it embraces special ideas as much as it embraces special effects. I love stuff like “Star Wars” and ... Read More »

Movie Review: ‘Mall Cop 2’ Has Nothing Good in Store

Cops are not very popular in America right now, a fact that will not improve with the release of “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.” The nation’s epidemic of racist police brutality is not a laughing matter, and neither is this movie. “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2” is so unfunny that while I was watching it, I had to periodically tickle myself ... Read More »

‘It Follows’ Pursues Cult Status

I didn’t think any movie this year would be scarier than “50 Shades of Grey,” but “It Follows” pulls it off in the best way possible. “It Follows” is an old-fashioned creeper. So is my Uncle Larry, but he isn’t the one I recommend you see in a dark theater. “It Follows” is the kind of movie our parents went ... Read More »

Review: Why Go ‘Furious?’

Do I really need to summarize the plot of “Furious 7” before I review it? You know how this one will go even before seeing it, right? Vroom, vroom. Boom, boom, “Aw… bye Paul.” The untimely death of Paul Walker is the big elephant in the room going into this movie, so I will get it out of the way ... Read More »

‘Get Hard’ Should Die Hard

The posters for “Get Hard” have portrayed Kevin Hart dreading Will Ferrell’s hair. Ever since I saw that, my life has featured me dreading this stupid movie. In the film, Ferrell portrays a millionaire who has been charged with fraud. In reality, Ferrell is a millionaire who should also be charged with fraud. I can think of nothing more phony and misleading than ... Read More »

‘Chappie’ is the Droid You are Looking For

Can a movie be original while still ripping off many stories that came before it? The new film “Chappie” seems to suggest yes. Like the title character, “Chappie” is made from spare parts of other robots who have come before him. The movie “Robocop” already covered mechanized police officers, and countless films like “The Iron Giant” and “Big Hero Six” ... Read More »

Will Smith Deliver Fresh ‘Focus’?

Will Smith’s most recent film “Focus,” is ironically a bit of a blur in my mind. The pacing is fast and constantly building momentum as it drives you through a colorful world of high-class events and high-stake crime. “Focus” is likely to be the slickest and most stylish movie of the year and has an amazing soundtrack that infuses every beautifully shot ... Read More »

‘Kingsmen’ Offers Suitable Service

“Kingsmen: The Secret Service” is the kind of movie Hollywood has not made in years. When the “Austin Powers” franchise mocked James Bond, the future Bond films took on a serious tone to avoid being laughed at as well. However, “Kingsmen” does the opposite and embraces the campy nature of sexy superspies in finely-tailored suits, along with evil geniuses bent on ... Read More »

Seeing ‘Grey’ Should Have You Seeing Red

It is appropriate that “50 Shades of Grey” was released on Friday the 13th, because it is one of the best horror movies I have ever seen. The film’s protagonist, Anastasia Steele, is the potential murder victim of Christian Grey, a less charming version of Patrick Bateman from “American Psycho.” Christian is a narcissistic sociopath who likes to psychologically enslave and ... Read More »

Review: ‘Jupiter’ Could Not be Stupider

There is a popular children’s book series called “Magic Eye” that features dazzling, colorful pictures of what initially seem to be total nonsense, but when you stare at them long enough, 3-D images pop out. The film “Jupiter Ascending” features similarly dazzling nonsense, but no matter how long I stared, multiple dimensions never appeared. “Jupiter Ascending” is one of the ... Read More »