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“Cabin in the Woods” Film Review

The “Cabin in the Woods’” ad campaign played on many of the age-old plot lines of the stale genre that horror has become. One of which was the classic situation of five friends going into the woods for a fun, sex-filled, inebriated, drug-induced weekend, only to find something horrible and terrifying awaiting them. The plot seems straightforward enough, but leave ... Read More »

Film Review – “Rampart”

Building off the success of his debut film, The Messenger, director Oren Moverman plunges into a world of corruption with his newest effort Rampart, which looks at the LAPD in the 1990’s and its long history of excessive violence, seedy corruption and racial discrimination. Woody Harrelson stars as misogynistic, hedonistic, alcoholic, quasi-sociopathic, racist (though he maintains that he hates all ... Read More »

FILM REVIEW: “Take Shelter”

“Is anybody seeing this?” Curtis LaForche asks rhetorically as he watches a coming storm spew lightning bolts that rip through the Ohioan night sky. The question is why more theatres aren’t carrying this Oscar-worthy film so we can see exactly what Curtis is seeing (I drove to Madison to see it). Michael Shannon plays Curtis LaForche, a dedicated family man. ... Read More »

The Ides of March: Review

There is no subtlety in the title of George Clooney’s terrific new directing effort, The Ides of March, a direct allusion to the day Caesar was betrayed by senators, including his close friend Brutus. Yes, Ides is a story of betrayal, hypocrisy and of the politicians who have run this country (and every other province, empire, etc.) from the beginning ... Read More »