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Ecosia Vies to Be New Search Engine On Campus

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Informational Technology Council has voted to install Ecosia as the default search engine on Microsoft Edge in campus computer labs. Ecosia is a search engine that plants trees with its ad revenue. Currently, there are over 7 million active users. Ecosia publishes monthly financial reports and tree planting receipts to improve transparency with users. They ... Read More »

University Tops Rankings In Green Honor Roll

With bike racks found around every corner and students able to make their own compost pile, it is no surprise the university could be labeled environmentally friendly. However, the college has managed to take it a step further. The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point received a rating of 99, the highest possible from The Princeton Review Green College Honor Roll of ... Read More »

T-Shirt Upcycling Chennels Up with the Old

Clothing accessories, storage and home decor are all commodities that can be fashioned from old T-shirts. Centertainment Productions hosted T-shirt Upcycling on Thursday, an event that encouraged students to create something new and trendy from the mundane. Upcycling is a derivative of recycling. The idea is to repurpose unused or old materials in a way that adds to the value ... Read More »

Green Fund Efforts Pay Off with Building of Bicycle Shelter

The Green Fund has succeeded in erecting a bike shelter outside the Dreyfus University Center after years of planning. The Green Fund itself is a campus organization that aims to improve sustainability and lessen the environmental impact of the university, which was approved through a student referendum in the spring of 2013 with 70 percent approval. The Fund’s mission is ... Read More »

Two Green Thumbs Up Over Earth Week

Last week, in honor of Earth Week, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point put on events to support sustainable practices that make a lasting impact. Sustainability is defined as something that is helpful to people, supportive to the planet, and profitable in its endeavors. Sustainable events held on campus included environmental actions like tree planting as well as social justice movements ... Read More »

University Takes on Energy Competition

Student leaders have brought the world’s largest energy and water reduction competition for colleges to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Campus Conservation Nationals began on April 6, and students are encouraged to participate by reducing their energy usage for three weeks. This spring is the second time UWSP has competed in the national competition, although there has been a long ... Read More »