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The Gray Area of Intramurals

On March 5, two soccer intramural teams, The Exotics and Bye Week, were scheduled to compete against one another in the block 3 championships. Kelsey Schneider, junior and a member of Bye Week, had work obligations and was forced to show up late to the game. According to Kenny Cyracus, junior and Intramurals and Outdoor Rentals Head Official, each intramural ... Read More »

Intramural Leaders Hope to Bolster Program

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point intramural program leaders are hoping to boost participation this semester. “Right now, numbers are down a little bit. Block one is normally like that with the freshman not knowing really what to do, but we are expecting it to pick right back up where we left off going into these next blocks,” said Victoria Waslicki, senior student ... Read More »

Outdoor Edventures Merges with Intramurals

Although Outdoor Edventures is no more, students are still able to rent equipment like canoes, sleeping bags and skis. The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point eliminated Outdoor Edventures during state budget reductions but decided to keep parts of the program alive by merging it with Intramurals to create Intramurals and Outdoor Rentals. The new program does not offer Outdoor Edventures’ signature clinics and trips. ... Read More »

Advice for Intramurals

This week signifies, not only the start to a new year of classes, but also a new year of intramural athletics. My first two years of collegiate intramurals have been marred with minor strains, minimal success, moderate heartbreak, and much questioning of the legitimacy of my dwindling skills. But I have learned many things in my first two years of ... Read More »