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Stevens Point Co-op Rejects Possibility of New Statewide Bill

A change in legislature may affect cooperative members statewide. The Senate Bill 281, Assembly Bill 353, allows for cooperatives, also known as co-ops, to make changes to their bylaws that were once seen as illegal. According to the Wisconsin Farmers Union, the changes would have about 20 percent of co-op board members be replaced by investors or other outsiders. Members ... Read More »

New Marijuana Ordinance to be Proposed in Stevens Point

An ordinance that would take big steps towards decriminalizing marijuana in Stevens Point will be proposed on Monday, Nov. 13. The ordinance would lower the penalty for first time possession of less than five grams of marijuana or marijuana paraphernalia from $100 to $5. This change comes after the first offense penalty was already lowered from $300 to $100. Neither ... Read More »

New Law Gives More Freedom to Landlords

A law was recently passed that limits local control over the safety requirements of rental units, ultimately giving more leeway to landlords. Meleesa Johnson, director of solid waste management for Marathon County, is the fifth district alderperson for Stevens Point. Johnson explains that prior to this law the city was able to inspect rental units in order to ensure that ... Read More »

Up in Smoke: Vapor Cigarettes

Debra Kolste, the representative of Assembly District 44, would like Wisconsin to add electronic smoking devices to the indoor smoking bans.  Meanwhile, three electronic smoking device shops have opened in Stevens Point within the past two years. Mossity Vapes is owned by 21-year-old Gaven Moss, a resident of the area since preschool. He and his employees want the community to know ... Read More »