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Liberation Farm Brings Meat, Eggs and Coffee to Stevens Point

Liberation Farm in Almond, offers diverse food options. Holly Petrillo, assistant professor of forestry, began the farm with her husband John Sheffy in 2011. Petrillo said that they first got into farming because they wanted to be able to grow their own food and provide their young daughter the opportunity to grow up on a farm. One of Petrillo and ... Read More »

Sustainable Living in Stevens Point: Vote With Your Dollar

A crucial component of living sustainably is reducing the amount of waste produced. In 2013, the EPA estimated that the average person produces 4.4 pounds of waste per day. There has been a great deal of emphasis put on recycling and composting, and while these are helpful strategies, it is equally important to consider consuming less. This could be through ... Read More »

Cutting Out The Middle Man

While there are many waves of new trends or ideas coming our way with unknown intentions, direct farming is a tide many can welcome with open arms. As reported by the United States Department of Agriculture, not only is Wisconsin ranked within the top five in sales of direct farming, but the entire country has seen an increase in 2.3 percent ... Read More »

Local Farms Offer Community-Supported Agriculture Shares

With summer just around the corner, many Stevens Point residents are looking forward to local produce from their shares in CSAs, or Community-Supported Agriculture. CSAs are a way of connecting individuals directly with local farmers and local produce. At the beginning of the season, a farm will sell shares of their crops, usually in full or half shares. Once the ... Read More »

First Winter Farmers’ Market a Success

The Stevens Point Area Winter Farmers’ Market will have the last day of its first season on March 25. During the summer, Stevens Point has a thriving farmers’ market that fills the Square downtown with local farmers and hungry shoppers. In the past when winter rolled around the market was closed for the season. This year, Stevens Point held its ... Read More »

Moo-ve Over for Local Dairy

The Dairy State Cheese Company is located in Rudolph, Wisconsin 15 miles away from campus. This local business offers a wide variety of dairy products made on-site from its own cows. The average American eats over 30 pounds of cheese a year. Not only is cheese often cited as a source of calcium and protein, it is also made in ... Read More »

Stevens Point Comes Together at Local Farmers Market

Since 1870 the farmers market has taken place at the square in downtown Stevens Point. The Stevens Point farmers market is unique because it is a producer-only market where vendors are only allowed to sell what they have grown on their farm. The accepted vendors are those who live within a thirty mile radius from the city. David Peterson, a ... Read More »

Farmshed and Local Restaurants Serve Up Sustainability

Central Rivers Farmshed partnered with the owner of El Jefe’s Tacos Y Tequila, On Sept. 3, to do a local food demonstration at the farmer’s market in downtown Stevens Point. The Restaurant, El Jefe’s Tacos Y Tequila, had their chef come out to the farmer’s market to show local food preparation in action. El Jefe’s, Father Fat’s and Christian’s Bistro ... Read More »

Bring in the Holidays with a Pie

The CPS Café is selling a variety of pies until Dec. 15. Kim Beckham, the director of the CPS Café, said this year they offer pumpkin pie, maple syrup cream and cran-apple pie, which are all local and organic. Beckham said other flavors are cranberry mousse, traditional southern sweet potato, Dutch apple and caramel dream, and chocolate pecan espresso. “Students, ... Read More »

University Dining Services Support Local Ice Cream From UWRF

The University of Wisconsin – River Falls Food Science Program will soon be providing University Dining Services with cheese, ice cream and meat products. The products will have been made by students in the UWRF Food Science pilot plants under faculty and academic staff supervision. The pilot facilities include dairy manufacturing, fruit and vegetable processing and meat processing and all ... Read More »