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Madison Commits to 100 Percent Renewable Energy

A look at the capitol in Madison. "Madison 02" by Paul Frederickson is licensed under CC BY 2.0

This March, Madison, Wisconsin joined 24 other cities nationwide, who have all committed to working towards 100 percent renewable energy use. By making this transition, the city aims to reach net-zero carbon emissions before 2050 and cut total energy use in half by 2030. This is a community-wide goal which encompasses all sectors. To achieve this objective, $250,000 dollars have ... Read More »

Students Speak Their Minds at ‘A Day Without Latinos’

Photo courtesy of Brigitte Benitez-Vargas.

An estimated 14,000 activists gathered in Madison to take part in “A Day Without Latinos and Immigrants in Wisconsin” to protest two legislations they argue are racist and discriminatory against immigrants. One these legislations, Assembly Bill 450, would permit police and government agencies to investigate a person’s immigration status if they are charged or involved with certain crimes. They would ... Read More »

In Wake of Campus Shootings, UWSP Emphasizes Active Shooter Policy

In this Oct. 9, 2015 file, Michael Johnson wears a firearm as he waits outside of Roseburg Municipal Airport for President Barack Obama's arrival in Roseburg, Ore. Voters in a southern Oregon county will weigh in next month on a measure that seeks to prohibit enforcement of gun laws, although it may have only symbolic effect. 

Courtesy of AP Photo, Ryan Kang

After a mass shooting at an Umpqua Community College in Oregon led to 10 deaths and other college massacres, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is trying to raise awareness for its active shooter policy. The policy provides students with advice on how to best ensure their own safety in the event of an active shooter. According to Bill Rowe, director ... Read More »

Students Plan for Life After Graduation: Alex Lopez


Q: What are your aspirations after graduation? A: My goals for life after college are, one, to find a job, and two, to figure out what I want to do. Q: What field are you looking to find a job in? A: I am looking for a job in the chemistry field (very expansive, to be sure.) Q: What city would you like to ... Read More »