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Back 40 Mine Could Bring Economic Stimulus and Environmental Sacrifice

The Back 40 Mine is a potential metallic sulfide mining site proposed by the private Canadian company, Aquila Resources. Located on the border of Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, it must be approved by both states regulations to start operations. Currently, it has attained three out of the four permits necessary. While claiming to stimulate the economy, sulfide mining has ... Read More »

Wisconsin Legislature Attempting to End Mining Moratorium

A bill is being discussed in Wisconsin legislature that would pave the way for new mining operations. Environmental activists oppose the bill. The bill was introduced by Sen. Tom Tiffany and Rep. Rob Hutton of Hazelhurst and Brookfield, respectively. If passed, it would remove a 20 year old moratorium on sulfide mining. Amber Meyer Smith, Director of Programs and Government ... Read More »

The Case of Samsung’s Flaming Phone Waste

Earlier this year Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones were bursting into flames and, as a result, have been recalled as a threat to consumer safety; but what about the threats the recalled phones pose to the safety of the environment? The cause of the flaming phones was due to the batteries. Most modern smartphones use lithium ion batteries as their ... Read More »