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90FM Album Review: Emmitt James- Until I’m A Dead Poet

Growing up in central Wisconsin, I have seen and heard my fair share of local attempts at hip-hop. For the most part the attempts at the genre of hip-hop fall short. If I can be brutally honest, most local attempts at hip-hop in central Wisconsin are down right embarrassing and I liter­ally cringe with how uncomfortable I get with the ... Read More »

90 FM Album Review -David Byrne and St. Vincent-Love This Giant

This week Talking Heads and alternative music swami David Byrne and Annie Clark a.k.a St. Vincent released their collaboration album entitled Love This Giant. From a third person point of view Byrne is a wacky, jaunty, and jittery character that seemed to be a product of a bump or two of cocaine. Lyrically intellectual and puzzling it seems with out ... Read More »