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Point Pitches Join A Capella Ranks

A new organization has been established called A Capella UWSP. They are an umbrella club for a capella ensembles. ”Exactly a year ago, we decided that in spring semester 2015, we would start an a capella club. However, due to specific UWSP club regulations, this idea of a small, exclusive, all-male club was denied,” said founder Robert Goszkowicz, senior math ... Read More »

Amid Final Exams Musicians Prepare for Recitals

While students are getting ready for their final exams, many musicians are spending their time preparing for another type of challenge. At some point during their college career, music performance majors are required to give at least one half recital and one full recital. A half recital is typically performed during junior year and requires at least 30 minutes worth ... Read More »

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Performs Music For Elderly

The residents of Northridge Assisted Living were taken back in time by the men of Phi Mu Alpha. The local chapter of this nationwide music fraternity consists of 15 University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point student musicians who share a common love of music as well as the desire of providing service to the community. At least once a semester the fraternity ... Read More »

Vocal Recital Supports Local Breast Cancer Fund

One senior’s capstone project might be more than just the conclusion to her college career. When deciding what to do for her final project, Jackie Freeberg, senior arts management and applied voice major, decided to combine not only both of her majors but also to make an impact on an issue that is very important to her. Last semester Freeberg ... Read More »

Pep Band Continues to Grow, Support Pointer Athletics

This year marks the largest pep band alumnus Jordan Held has seen in his seven years at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Held was a member of the band from 2007 to 2012, and after two years of being the assistant director and having an immense passion for the group, he decided he was ready to take on an even larger ... Read More »

State Solo and Ensemble Allows for Departmental Growth

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Department of Music hosted the Wisconsin School Music Association State Solo and Ensemble festival on Saturday, May 2, featuring the largest collection of musical talent on campus for the year. At the festival, high school students from across the state performed in front of judges, who rated them on a scale of 1-5. This event gives ... Read More »

Workshop Provides Outreach to Young Musicians

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point faculty will help junior high and high school students prepare young musicians for solo and ensemble, the weekend of April 25. This will be the second year UWSP has hosted a workshop for the competition, allowing students the chance to put finishing touches on their pieces. “There are 11 music faculty members donating their time, and last ... Read More »

Album Review: ‘Gliss Riffer’

It’s been three years since his last release, and Dan Deacon is back and poppier than his usual paradigm. “Gliss Riffer” is a nostalgic return that harkens back to his debut LP “Spidermanoftherings,” incorporating more vocals, more glissando, a glide from one pitch to another and less long-term composition. A departure from Deacon’s earlier works can be seen in the ... Read More »

Album Review: ‘Beat the Champ’

It is rumored that The Mountain Goats is actually a pseudo-mystical motorcycle cult from the badlands of South Dakota that raises money through running a chain of discount-furniture outlets with an occasional music release. I can’t comment on the legitimacy of those claims, but I do know their latest album “Beat the Champ” chronicles the lives of professional wrestlers. This ... Read More »

Centertainment Brings Funk Music to Friday

The Mustache and Prodo filled the Encore with upbeat funk music and head bobbing on Friday, March 27. “There were so many different sound variations in funk music”, said Yuki Yoshida, audience member. The Mustache and Prodo emphasized the uniqueness of the genre by playing percussion, keyboard, and electric guitars. This event exhibited funk as a fun, bold musical style. That Friday’s event ... Read More »