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Cape Town Will Run Out of Water in April

Cape Town, the capital city of South Africa, is predicted to run out of its water reserves by mid-April of this year. The reason for the water crisis seems to be three years of severe droughts, as well as unsustainable water use by the city’s rapidly growing population. Cape Town’s attempt for water conservation proved to be ineffective, with only ... Read More »

Waukesha Seeks Solution to Water Crisis from Lake Michigan

The city of Waukesha has made arrangements to divert water from Lake Michigan. Waukesha’s current water source, the deep sandstone aquifer, is contaminated with radium. The problem has been worsening over the last decade and a solution had to be found to ensure the safety of the drinking water for Waukesha residents. The effects of radium contamination can lead to ... Read More »

Elk Released Near Clam Lake Wisconsin

This July, 31 elk were released near Clam Lake, Wisconsin for the first time in more than 20 years. The recent elk release is part of an effort which began in 1995 to reestablish elk in the region. European settlement drove elk from the state in the 1800s through over-hunting and habitat loss. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources believes ... Read More »

Exploring the Ethics of De-Extinction

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if wooly mammoths still existed? With new advancements in biotechnical engineering, scientists may be closer to re-creating the species than we think. Chris Diehm, associate professor of philosophy and environmental ethics program coordinator at UWSP, presented a lecture on the topic at the Portage County Public Library. He informed the public ... Read More »

Bipartisan Sportsmens Act Proposes Wolf Delisting

Recently, a bill has been introduced to Congress that would delist the gray wolf in Wyoming and the Western Great Lakes Region, including Wisconsin. Wolves in all of those regions, except Minnesota, are currently listed as “endangered” under The Endangered Species Act of 1973. Wolves were hunted to extinction in the state of Wisconsin in the 1960s. In recent years ... Read More »

Students Flourish with Field Experience on Hawaii Trip

While most students were battling the cold January winter, 16 students experienced the diverse terrestrial and marine ecosystems on the Big Island of Hawaii. Through a field biology course offered from Jan. 6 through Jan. 20, students traveled through volcanoes, organic farms, national parks and coral reefs to experience one of the most isolated islands in the world. One of ... Read More »

Research Symposium Provides Opportunities

Many students who wish to work in a scientific field dream of becoming involved in undergraduate research. Each spring, hundreds gather at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point for the College of Natural Resources Undergraduate Student Research Symposium, an event where students present research projects on a variety of resource-related topics. This year’s projects are wrapping up and presenters are refining their ... Read More »

CNR Majors Night Guides Natural Resource Students

The first floor of the Trainer Natural Resources building bustled with activity during the College of Natural Resources Majors Night on Oct. 16.  Freshmen and transfer students attended, seeking guidance from faculty and representatives of student organizations. This marked the 7th anniversary of the event, put on by the CNR Student Success Center. The night provides a chance for students to learn ... Read More »