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 Liberal White Americans: Why We Need to Address Our Biases

I’m not racist, I don’t wave a confederate flag from the back of my Dodge Ram. I’m not racist, I don’t spray paint swastikas on the side of public buildings. I’m not racist, I voted for Hilary. Essentially, “I’m not racist because I’m not like that guy.” I get it, no one wants to think of themselves as racist. Racism ... Read More »

Swastika Vandalism in Pfiffner Pioneer Park

A good friend of mine told me she saw a swastika drawn on the sidewalk in Pfiffner Pioneer Park while on her morning walk. Some may see a symbol of hate and be able to just brush it off and continue with life. I wish I had that privilege. That atrocious assortment of lines represents the destruction of too many ... Read More »