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Humans of Point: Students Share Festivity

The students of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point are excited for the upcoming holiday season.  Students celebrate different holidays and set their own traditions with their families, making them special in their own way. Julia Cheng is a junior majoring in accounting & business management from Kenosha, WI. Julia’s favorite holiday is Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is a ... Read More »

Humans of Point

Merita Mehmedi is a junior English major. What’s the best part of winter in Wisconsin? The worst?  I am originally from Florida, so I never really saw snow growing up, so I would say the best part of winter in Wisconsin is the snow because everything looks so beautiful covered in it and I always get excited for the first ... Read More »

Sustainable Humans of Point: Jazmine Bevers

Jazmine Bevers is a senior communications and forestry management major. What does sustainability mean to you? It means creating a world that can sustain not only humans but every other living thing on it as well as its resources through technology, inclusivity and diversity. Why do you think sustainability is important? I think it’s important because we are living on ... Read More »

Sustainable Humans of Point: Zach Jones

Zach Jones is a senior natural resources planning major. What does sustainability mean to you? Too me, sustainability means that a system can continue to function indefinitely without impairing the ability of future generations – of all life, not just humans – to have the same quality of life that we have been able to enjoy.  In order to be sustainable, society will ... Read More »

Embracing the Unexpected: Venturing Forward

As I sit in the Communication Arts Center (my second home of sorts) on the Sunday night before my last full week of college courses, many thoughts are rushing through my mind. Should I go to a convenience store and get a Mountain Dew? Will it downpour on my way back? And finally, what will I be doing a year ... Read More »

Media Students Share Victory

The 2015 Wisconsin Broadcasters Association awards presented a unique opportunity for students from SPTV and 90Fm to solidify a supportive relationship between their organizations. The awards were held Saturday, March 6, in Madison to recognize students who submitted entries to the competition. Students from organizations didn’t just walk away with awards, but a stronger sense of collaboration. As Promotions Director ... Read More »

Above 30,000 Feet

I have never felt simultaneously significant and insignificant at the same time. Before leaving Wednesday afternoon to head over to my co-worker Carly’s house, so it was a shorter drive Thursday morning to Chicago, I was told by media professor Chris Shofner that flying would change my perspective on life. He told me I would realize how small I was, ... Read More »

Are Melanistic Deer in Schmeeckle?

It’s no surprise to any student roaming through the thickets of Schmeeckle Reserve that the deer are plentiful and even overwhelming. We can scarcely turn a corner and not come face-to-face with a buck and his harem. Commenters point out that deer know they are safe from hunters in the reserve and come from all over Wisconsin to live in ... Read More »

A Farewell to Sports

The world is scheduled to end in nine days. If that happens, there is a strong chance that the institution of sports will end as well. We have had some good times. A few laughs, a few cries, and a few moments when we just sat in awe. But, like a trip to Chuck E. Cheese or a conjugal visit, ... Read More »

What Do the 2012 Elections Mean for the GOP?

Everyone, take a deep breath in, now let it out. It’s done, over, gone (for now). The 2012 Elections are fin­ished. But if you’re a Republican, you’re probably wonder what exactly just happened. I mean, the momentum behind Republican Challenger Mitt Romney was absolutely fantastic (some even compared it to the 2008 Election and the Democrats back­ing Mr. Obama). There ... Read More »