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Pointerwear Hits the Runway at Fall Fashion Show

It’s no mystery where to find collegiate apparel on campus, but it’s a whole different experience watching those clothes come to life. The University Store and Text Rental hosted its second annual fall fashion show in the Encore of the Dreyfus University Center on Wednesday, Oct. 4. After the success of the first fall fashion show in 2016, the store ... Read More »

Campus still in Transition period with AccesSPoint

Degree Progress Reports are the latest obstacle in the transition from myPoint to AccesSPoint. Stevens Point joins the other Universities of Wisconsin in using the program, Campus Solutions. AccesSPoint is a part of a program called Campus Solutions, which is used all over the UW-System. The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is the last college to implement Campus Solutions. “The UW ... Read More »

Isherwood and Local Drainage Board Are Going To Court

The Portage County Drainage Board and the Isherwood Family Farm will soon go to court after a dispute over the creation of a trout habitat in the Isherwood Lateral. Land owner, Donald Isherwood’s plan was to alter his drainage ditch by adding downed coniferous trees and other debris. In addition to creating a trout habitat, the debris was also intended ... Read More »

NASA Discovery Makes Earth Seem Less Unique

Last Wednesday, NASA announced the discovery of a nearby star that has more planets orbiting it than any solar system previously discovered. What’s more is each of the seven planets is considered to be Earth-like. Sebastian Zamfir, associate professor of astronomy said, “There are many planetary systems where there are more than one planet, but seven, this is a first, ... Read More »

Defining a Pointer

What is a Pointer?  You hear this term tossed around a lot when you attend the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, but no one really tells you exactly what it is. Is it the little metal thing on a compass? A hunting dog?  I honestly thought it was just someone who points when I first heard the term. It is all ... Read More »

Pointers Upset Warhawks

The University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point football team stunned 15th ranked University of Wisconsin- Whitewater last weekend with a 17-14 upset. The win is the Pointers’ first in conference this season and the first time UWSP has beaten Whitewater since 2008. A key factor in the game was the nine first-half penalties for Whitewater, which helped the Pointers claim an ... Read More »

Serious Concerns Over Erroneous Articles: A Letter to the Editor

In the April 5 issue of The Pointer, William Helmke voiced serious concerns about an article featured in The Pointer the week previous titled “Occupy Spinoff comes to Miller Park, Brings Beer, Apathy.” These concerns need to be taken very seriously. The article in question was written by Aaron Osowski and published around April 1, 2012. In his critique of ... Read More »

Pointer Hockey Ices Blue Devils

Four goals in the first and second period gave the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point a 9-3 win against the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Freshman forwards Andrew Kolb and Dylan Wizner scored two goals each in the win.   Senior forward Harrison Niemann got the Pointers on the board five minutes in the game, assisted by freshman defenseman Kevin Gibson and senior ... Read More »