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Galezio Plays Heart Out at Senior Recital

On Saturday, Oct. 21, Keaton Galezio, 23, preformed his senior recital featuring his talents on the trombone. Galezio’s life with music started when he was in kindergarten taking lessons on piano. When he got to middle school, he started band, where he made the switch from the ivory keys to a brass slide. “My older brother played the trombone so ... Read More »

Resturant review of Wicked Willow LLC

To tell you the truth, I was a little nervous when I was asked to try vegan food. I knew a little bit about veganism but not really enough to see what the food was like and I never really thought I’d enjoy the food. The restaurant Wicked Willow LLC is nestled in the downtown area of Stevens Point. Inside, ... Read More »

Campus still in Transition period with AccesSPoint

Degree Progress Reports are the latest obstacle in the transition from myPoint to AccesSPoint. Stevens Point joins the other Universities of Wisconsin in using the program, Campus Solutions. AccesSPoint is a part of a program called Campus Solutions, which is used all over the UW-System. The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is the last college to implement Campus Solutions. “The UW ... Read More »

The Positive Psychology behind Women in Sports

Julia Flaherty jflah017@uwsp.edu In the university’s title nine series of General Education Access Opportunities, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point presented Jeana Magyar-Moe in “The Psychological Effects of Participation in Sports for Girls and Women,” on Jan. 28. Despite Magyar-Moe’s lecture being cut short by a surprise evacuation in the Dreyfus University Center where the lecture had been held, her point ... Read More »

No More Losing Sleep Over Exams

Final exams are just around the corner, and cramming is the most common response among most college students. We tend to choose ten extra minutes of studying and put off the much-needed sleep our bodies ache for. However, getting enough sleep is just as important as studying. Jason Siewert, a licensed clinical psychologist at the counseling center on campus, remembers ... Read More »

‘Tis the Season to Give

As Christmas music filled the air, student volunteers gathered in the Encore for the 3rd annual ‘Tis the Season event. In interest of giving and sharing the holiday spirit with others, the Student Involvement and Employment Office organized the event for students to help decorate both cards and cookies. “It is a passive way to get involved in the community. ... Read More »

Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Along with frigid temperatures and the excitement of the holiday season comes winter fashion. Therese Tabbert, a senior major­ing in communication, says that her favorite article of clothing to wear in the winter is her denim button-up long-sleeve shirt. “It looks great when you layer it with other clothing items, especially sweaters,” Tabbert said. The layered look is quite popu­lar ... Read More »

I’ll Be Home After Finals: The Changing Holiday Tradition

It’s almost finals: a week surrounded in stress, studying, anxiety and lack of sleep. It ends as fast as it begins. The second it does, we’re back at home in front of the Christmas tree. After the chaos of finals, we go straight into Christmas morning with almost no time to stop and actually enjoy or take in the holiday ... Read More »

Ugly Sweater Parties Hit 54481

When I was about ten years old, my grandma bought me a holiday sweater. It was a cardigan: turquoise, featuring about ten tiny beaded snowmen surrounded by pink sequined trees. For a young girl who had an irrational fear of both anything sparkly and the color pink, this sweater brought about much anxiety. Today this sweater would have come in ... Read More »

Alcohol Ban Considered

The Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) task force was creat­ed last fall to make recommendations on possible preventative measures for alcohol and drug related incidents on the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point campus and the surrounding community. The proposition of banning alco­hol in UWSP dormitory rooms was proposed by the AODA committee according to a November Stevens Point Journal article. ... Read More »