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Ambitious Plans for Campus Health Centers

Rachel Pukall rpuka198@uwsp.edu A plan for the new Total Health Care Center has been presented, offering a new Health and Wellness Center building as well as the construction of a separate childcare building in the summer of 2018. “This is a building project that would enhance many aspects of student life on campus,” said Jen Sorenson, the administrative director of ... Read More »

Local Teen Helps Community Kick the Habit

Rachel Pukall rpuka198@uwsp.edu Mossity, a new smoke shop downtown specializing in electronic cigarettes, recently opened their doors in October. Gaven Moss, the 19-year-old owner of the shop, says that his goal is to get people to stop smoking tobacco and to clean up the world’s mess, one e-cig at a time. “My goal is to save as many lives as ... Read More »

Second Chance for Juveniles

Rachel Pukall rpuka198@uwsp.edu The Second Chance Bill was recently approved, allowing first- time nonviolent 17-year-olds to be put in juvenile court instead of being tried as adults for criminal offenses. In 1995, Wisconsin lawmakers ruled that 17-year-olds should be treated as adults and tried in adult courts. The criminal justice system, however is not accustomed to how young offenders think, ... Read More »

Mandatory Advising Possibly Outdated

Rachel Pukall rpuka198@uwsp.edu A team of consultants from the National Academic Advising Association visited the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point last spring. The association conducted a comprehensive, in-depth assessment of the university’s academic advising program. During their visit, the association recommended the elimination of mandatory advising. They felt that there were many underlying problems with the policy hindering the development of ... Read More »

Wisconsin Gets Fast and Furious at 70 MPH

Rachel Pukall rpuka198@uwsp.edu A bill to raise the interstate speed limit to 70 mph in the state of Wisconsin was authorized by Assembly Representative Paul Tittl, who wants to maintain consistency between other states around us who have 70 mph speed limits on freeways. “The law still has to be passed by the State Senate and signed by the Governor,” ... Read More »

$13 Million to be Spent on Residence Halls

Rachel Pukall rpuka198@uwsp.edu The University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point has just gained approval to renovate the North DeBot Residence Halls for a total cost of $13.5 million for the next two summers. The project will renovate Watson Hall during the summer of 2014 and Thompson Hall in the summer of 2015 using funds collected from the students who live in ... Read More »

American Institute of Graphic Arts: Bringing Design to the World

Rachel Pukall rpuka198@uwsp.edu AIGA is the American Institute for Graphic Arts, which is an international organization for graphic artists. It is the oldest and largest professional membership organization for design and it allows for graphic artists to find jobs, network, and discover design. “AIGA creates opportunities for students to learn and network in the experiences of graphic design beyond the ... Read More »

Raising Disability Awareness

Rachel Pukall rpuka198@uwsp.edu The Disability and Assistive Technology Center, along with the Disability Advisory Council, will be hosting a series of seminars and presentations to increase awareness about disabilities. Celebrate All Abilities is an October disability awareness program coinciding with National Disability Employment Awareness, which is also in the month of October. The Disability and Assistive Technology Center provides almost ... Read More »

Project Win-Win Granting Associate Degrees

Rachel Pukall rpuka198@uwsp.edu The Institute of Higher Education Policy and the Lumina Foundation have funded a grant to assist institutions in identifying former students who have invested time and money into college, but left before completing their degree. Project Win-Win, a program that the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point incorporates, uses data collecting techniques to track down people who have ... Read More »

$1.8 Million Grant to Boost Student Success

Rachel Pukall rpuka198@uwsp.edu The University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point has been awarded a $1.8 million federal grant, which went into effect on Oct. 1. This grant goes towards improving academic services in order to help more students succeed. The Strengthening Academic Success: More Graduates in Wisconsin program will be funded by the Title III grant from the U.S. Department of ... Read More »