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 Liberal White Americans: Why We Need to Address Our Biases

I’m not racist, I don’t wave a confederate flag from the back of my Dodge Ram. I’m not racist, I don’t spray paint swastikas on the side of public buildings. I’m not racist, I voted for Hilary. Essentially, “I’m not racist because I’m not like that guy.” I get it, no one wants to think of themselves as racist. Racism ... Read More »

Swastika Vandalism in Pfiffner Pioneer Park

A good friend of mine told me she saw a swastika drawn on the sidewalk in Pfiffner Pioneer Park while on her morning walk. Some may see a symbol of hate and be able to just brush it off and continue with life. I wish I had that privilege. That atrocious assortment of lines represents the destruction of too many ... Read More »

Vigil Held at Sundial for Community Unity

On Thursday, Nov. 17, the community joined together on campus at the Sundial to honor those who have passed away or suffered from hate crimes. The vigil, along with other activities through the week, addressed incidents that have been happening at a local and national level. In recent weeks, many hurtful incidents have been requested to be recognized. The Student ... Read More »