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Future of Electric Vehicles Called Into Question

Use of electric vehicles in Wisconsin is facing changes and challenges due to state legislation and public opinion. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, transportation is the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases, contributing to 27 percent of the nation’s annual greenhouse gas emissions. With the environment in mind, many people have switched to driving electric cars. In 2017, 90,302 ... Read More »

Job Growth From Renewable Energy Sparks Conservative Support

Renewable energy has begun to gain the support of conservative groups as it becomes more economically viable. One such group is the recently formed Wisconsin Conservative Energy Forum, which aims to educate conservatives about energy possibilities in the state. According to their website, the organization supports the development of local clean energy, strongly emphasizing the economic benefits that renewable energy ... Read More »

BC Organics Bioenergy Digester Proposal In-Progress

The Public Service Commission has approved a $15 million grant for the construction of a bioenergy system in Brown County. The system will produce renewable natural gas from dairy-farm manure and other waste, reducing the need to spread raw manure and protecting supplies of groundwater and surface water in northeast Wisconsin, according to a news release. BC Organics’ bioenergy project ... Read More »

Renewable Energy Employs a New Generation of Professionals

Renewable energy jobs continue to grow nationally and in Wisconsin. Wind energy is one of these promising fields. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that wind turbine service technicians will gain jobs faster than any other occupation at a rate of 108 percent between 2014 and 2024. Wind energy is not alone. The solar energy field has also grown remarkably. ... Read More »

Madison Commits to 100 Percent Renewable Energy

This March, Madison, Wisconsin joined 24 other cities nationwide, who have all committed to working towards 100 percent renewable energy use. By making this transition, the city aims to reach net-zero carbon emissions before 2050 and cut total energy use in half by 2030. This is a community-wide goal which encompasses all sectors. To achieve this objective, $250,000 dollars have ... Read More »

North Wind Renewable Energy Becomes Employee Owned

As of this April, North Wind Renewable Energy has made the transition to a 100 percent employee owned cooperative. This Stevens Point based company specializes in the installation and design of solar electric systems. North Wind’s clients include businesses, farms and homes across the state. Doug Stingle, a consultant for North Wind, said that becoming an employee owned cooperative is ... Read More »

Campus Now 100 Percent Powered by Renewable Electricity

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is the first university in the state to receive 100 percent of its electricity from renewable sources. This achievement has been met with much enthusiasm from students and staff. Jake Powell, sophomore graphic design major said, “I’m pretty stoked. I’m proud I get to be a part of it, because coal, gas, and oil are ... Read More »

Presidential Candidates’ Stances on the Environment

Climate change has a history of being a hot topic debated by American politicians. Many still claim climate change is not human-caused and therefore it is not the government’s responsibility to do anything to address it. Many voters consider environmental protection to be a very important factor in deciding who to vote into public office. Logan Hubbard, senior wildlife and ... Read More »

Wisconsin Not So Forward When it Comes to Renewable Energy

According to The U.S. Energy Information Administration, solar, natural gas and wind will generate most of the United States’ energy in the year 2016. This is huge for the renewable energy sector and those who are fighting against the fossil fuel industry. Jacob Livingston, senior wildland fire science major said, “I much prefer renewable energy over other sources such as ... Read More »

Bill Proposes the Freezing of Arctic Drilling

On Feb. 11, new legislation that would prohibit companies from making new leases on federal lands and waters for coal, oil and gas was introduced to Congress. If passed, this would permanently protect Arctic and Atlantic coasts from new oil explorations and drilling operations. The “Keep it in the Ground Act” would ban gas, oil and coal extraction on publicly ... Read More »