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Students Forced to Stay on Campus Next Year

Living on campus, or at least paying to live on campus, will be required for sophomore students as well as freshman beginning next year. Currently, it is required for traditional freshman students to live in the residence halls for their first year. Although many return to the dorms, a portion of upperclassmen move off-campus in their preceding years of school. ... Read More »

University Cuts ARC Program for 2015 School Year

The residence hall Academic Resource Coordinator program will be cut entirely for the 2015-16 school year. The program involves students students who use their personal experience to mentor incoming freshmen on social and academic changes they will experience during their first year in college. Due to the potential budget cuts, the university was forced to cut the ARC program until ... Read More »

Residential Rule-Breaking

Most anyone who attends college can agree that as fun as living on campus can be, adhering to the university’s guidelines can sometimes be difficult. “One of the biggest issues I see is the underage consumption of alcohol, which I think is because it’s ‘the cool thing to do in college’.” Other than that we’ve had some minor vandalism, such ... Read More »

I Won’t Be Home for the Holidays

Students living off campus or in the suites have the opportunity to stay in their living quarters during breaks throughout the school year. This can be especially helpful for students who live far away from Stevens Point. Being able to stay oncampus can be very beneficial for students that need some time to relax. With going home for the holidays, ... Read More »

Arousing Housing

The Residential Housing Association wants to work with Residential Living to help make gender-neutral rooms a possibility for the future. The idea of gender-neutral housing, or students of different genders living in the same room, often divides students.  Some see it as an issue of diversity and inclusivity and want to see it implemented on campus.  Other students see it as a ... Read More »

Summer Renovations Give Campus an Environmental Face-Lift

Over the summer, Residential Living worked on a variety of construction proj­ects including redo­ing the South Debot circle, Stormwater Management, and the renovation of Burroughs Hall, proj­ects that made resi­dential buildings more environmentally friendly. The renovation of Burroughs Hall was just one step in a project of renovating all the Residential Halls in the north and south Debot quads. “The ... Read More »