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PHO, Fay Ray and Why More People Should See Centertainment Concerts

Centertainment Productions regularly hosts concerts at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. These concerts usually have moderate attendance, but the talent of the artists that are hand-picked to play at UWSP is worthy of massive crowds filling up the Dreyfus University Center. On Friday, Sept. 22 Centertainment hosted the two bands PHO and Fay Ray. PHO, a 7-piece instrumental funk group, ... Read More »

Album Review: KT Tunstall says “Here I Am” with KIN

KT Tunstall’s “KIN” is the latest in her work from her past 5 internationally released albums. Tunstall is a Scottish rocker, originally from St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland but has relocated to California and traveled around the American southwest in the last 3 years. KT’s past music features similar styles and sound but “KIN” has a distinct folk feel to it. ... Read More »

Vibe Street Dances to Encore Center Stage

A clash of bluegrass, electronic and EDM performers burst on stage in the Encore room creating a club-like atmosphere, pumping speakers with “new-aged” music last Thursday, March 2. These bands Vibe Street, Evanoff and Cliffy Tokes performed to a group of students thirsty for fast-paced electronic music offered by each group. Cliffy Tokes, the opening performer, a local mixer out of ... Read More »

Album Review: Norah Jones – The Fall

Norah Jones recorded her fourth studio album, “The Fall,” in 2009. At this point in her career, Jones has already established herself as a successful contemporary jazz artist. On her previous three albums, Jones has featured both covers of famous jazz standards and her own work, which is often a fusion of jazz, country and blues styles. The same foundations ... Read More »

Music Scene: Some Call It Indie, Some Call It Rock

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point junior, Zach Miller, opened for singer/songwriter, Brett Newski, on Feb. 4 for a night of live music. After performing at battle of the bands, Newski knew he was supposed to play music forever. At age 25, he quit all his part-time jobs to become a nomad, writing his own songs and performing as a one man ... Read More »

Green Screen Kid Meets Dreamhouse

In a strange twist of fate, it seems the early 2000’s have made a return in the realm of music and culture alike. On Friday, Sept. 16 at 9p.m., Green Screen Kid made their opening bang here at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. What started off as a reminiscent night where local Milwaukee band Dreamhouse took to the stage to ... Read More »